Let’s Get Serious

As you can see, there was a HUGE gap inbetween the time of my first post and this one, but there was a reason. I wanted to get serious about this blog, about my weight loss and to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into.

Since the last post I’ve realized I need to reveal a little more information about myself.

1. I turned 22 on November 14.

2. I started this weight loss journey freshman year of my college career, so 2010. Yes it has taken me 4 years to get where I am and I still have a lot more to go! #noshame

3.  I started this weight loss journey weighing 220 lbs and I wore a 1x tshirt and a size 18-20 in pants but LOVED to squeeze into a 16. I am now at 175 lbs in a size large tshirt and a size 14 in pants, now trying to squeeze into 12’s!

4. I’ve lost several inches off of my waist and my feet have actually gotten a little skinnier (no longer need a wide shoe)

5. I’ve tried  a lot, there is still a lot more for me try and there are people out there just like me who can benefit from my blog…so here it is!!

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