The WorkOut

thick fit I’ve learned thus far on this journey to a healthier life, eating is the most important part…..but working out and being active is pretty important.

I try to go to the gym 5 times a week, but I also don’t have kids and the gym is both at my job and my apartment complex so it is not that hard for me!

At the gym I definitely like to get my cardio in. I will do 400 jumps on the jump rope and 100 jumping jacks. I also do either 30 minutes on the elliptical, the treadmill or the bike. I like to switch it up to not get too bored.

Bike: start at a lower speed for 2 min warm up (about 6). increase to 8 for 2 min and then increase to 12 for about 5-7 min. I then, go to 8 for 2 min then back to 12 and continue until 1/2 hour is done.

Elliptical: start at a low incline and speed for warm up (2 min) increase both, depending on how I’m feeling that day, but always try to push myself, and always will increase for 5-7 min or 10 min then decrease for 2. stay on for 1/2 hour

Treadmill: I get creative with the treadmill. always warm up for 2 min. some days I will jog for 26 min and then cool down for 2. some days I will start at 2min and every 5 min increase the speed and the incline until 1/2 hour, decreasing every once in a while. something new I got from Mo’nique (Queen of comedy and her IG THEREALMOWORLDWIDE) is to be at 3 speed and 12 incline and to kill it the entire 26 min (with 2 min warm up and 2 min cool down). be creative with what works for you.

Main point: get that heart rate up, sweat!

I then switch up my days by arm, abs and leg days! No specific order week by week!

On leg days: squats, wall sits, leg machines, calf raises, lunges etc.

On Arm days: resistance band exercise, arm machines, free weights etc.

On Ab days: mat exercise.

I can go into detail on what the actual exercise are that I do and even post videos or websites that I go to, to get better explanation. I also follow a ton of IG pages that show me different moves to target different areas of the body! Lastly, my awesome friends (Janel, Kiiera, Ola, Ray, Nikia etc.) give me suggestions that I can share with you all.

Find some motivation! I cut off my crazy cable package with Comcast and now I go to the gym to watch all of my favorite reality tv shows! I will faithfully be in the gym to watch Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills and Tamar and Vince! I also find that when I am super stressed from either family or work or bills or what ever have you be…the gym is the answer! Find your reason!

I mentioned in another blog post that I have some small things in my house that I use on days I either don’t go to the gym or sometimes I bring them to the gym with me.

Weights: 7 lb Weights that I got from Marshalls for 4.50 on clearance. They were 5.99 regular price (still not too bad) But you can find equipment at Five Below (which I love), Target, Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods etc. but Marshalls and Five Below will be a little easier on your budget.

Resistance Band: Brand (Marika) it is a standard resistance band that I got from Marshalls for 3.50 on clearance (they always have good things in their mini active department either full price or on sale). But again you can get this at many other stores, they are not very expensive at all.

Weighted Jump Rope: Brand (Series-8 Fitness) I got this for 5.35 at Five Below! Love this jump rope, I suggest everyone with good/decent knees get one!

Yoga Mat: I got my yoga mat at Marshalls for 7.99, I know that Five Below has great ones for 5.00 (my first one that my grandmother “borrowed” came from there and I loved it).

I use these things all the time so they were definitely worth the investment.

It is also imperative to get a good pair of running/workout shoes. I actually have a pair of reebox tennis shoes that I LOVE and a pair of Nike Shocks that I love to work out in as well. You will mess yourself up if you don’t workout in the right shoes! As far as clothes go, I use old free t-shirts that I get at random events and sweat pants, though I have bought some yoga pants/capris at Dicks and at Marshalls.

I also have gotten good sports bras (good for the bustier chicks). I got my sports bras from Target, Five Below, Marshalls, Aerie when they are having good sales and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Never pay full price for work out clothes, they are going to get smelly!

Also make good use of Amazon or Ebay!

Comment below if you shop somewhere different!
Do you have any brands you like better? Any exercise tips? Any IG pages that you love to follow?

2 Comments on “The WorkOut

  1. YOU are inspiring me diva! I am with you every step of the way.. I love all of this.. me and my boyfriend are going to do the cleanse! and I will be heading on a “budget” fitness shopping trip shortly!


    • Awesome! Let me know if you guys have any questions about the cleanse or anything else posted! I am totally here for support!! I felt awesome after the cleanse and months later still have the benefits of less cravings of sugar and processed foods! Super excited for you guys journey and thanks for reading!


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