Inklings Of Inspiration

Again, I have another story about an amazing transformation that has given me inspiration along my journey. Below you will find Dominique Scott’s story, a young lady, entrepreneur and future PSU alum who learned to balance all of the things in her life with a gym schedule in determination to make a change.

1. How did you get started on your healthy lifestyle change?

I started losing weight my junior year of undergraduate school, 1.5 years ago. I went  to the gym 3-4 times per week and decided to start adapting a healthy eating LIFESTYLE, and not get caught up on temporary diets.

2. What is your motivation?

My motivation is a few things: my future children, goals and aspirations. I had to learn to truly treat my body like a temple because this is the only place my soul has to live and it is a physical representation of my spirit. I want to live longer to see my descendants’ successes as well as see my own brand flourish.

3. Do you follow a strict diet regime?

During a typical day, I usually follow my personal guidelines as far as low/ no carbs or sweets. I usually eat oatmeal and a piece of fruit for breakfast, chicken/ fish with veggies for lunch and a meal replacement shake or salad for dinner.

4. Do you follow a strict workout regime?

Because I am in the process of still losing fat, I stick to strictly cardio exercises. I will move onto weights when it is time to tighten up/ tone. I usually run 3-4 days in the morning before I start my day.

5. How long have you been on this journey?

One and a half years

6. What would you say has been the hardest part?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SWEETS! Cookies and cakes are my absolute favorite and it was hard to go cold turkey. I treat myself on a weekly basis to a sweet treat if I maintained my healthy eating and exercise goals.

7. What are some routines that you swear by (whether that be something physical, mental or something you eat etc.)

  • Always go to the gym in the MORNING! If you leave it off to mid day or nighttime, every excuse comes about to not go anymore.

  • For more intense weight loss,  burn more calories per day than you consume

  • No more than ONE hour of cardio at a time on a regular basis

  • SHORT AND SWEET: exercise doesn’t have to be long, just give it all you got in a short period of time

8. Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for those out there looking to get started or to get back on track?

No longer think about the number of times you began and quit your journey (that’s irrelevant). You will only stay on track and see a hug difference when YOU are read for change, not someone else. You have to stay committed to yourself first and take YOU serious because YOU matter!

9. How much progress have you made thus far? (Either starting weight to current weight or  pant size changes or how much weight you’ve lost or combination of any measurements)

I was originally a size 20, now I am currently a size 14. I lost 50 pounds in total since the beginning of my journey!

10. What was your goal? And how did you set it?

My ultimate goal is 170 pounds and I am only half way there. I plan to continue to live healthy and just naturally lose the weight.

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