Breakfast Bake!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is excited to get their March off to a fabulous start! With that being said…is everyone still working towards their goals?

In order to stay on track it is crucial to plan! Proper planning prevents poor performance!!! How do you properly plan a healthy lifestyle change? Say it with me people….meal prep!! I’ve talked about my meal prep in other blogs but I wanted to hit on the most important meal of the day, BREAKFAST! Normally for breakfast I will either do scrambled eggs and turkey bacon or steel coat oats and fruit but I’ve always lacked a vegetable and didn’t know how to incorporate it. (I didn’t think oatmeal, strawberries and kale would be  a good combo, you know) At work, most of us are participating in a weight loss challenge and one of the girls brought in an egg bake and it looked/smelled delicious.

I thought this would be perfect for me because I could include any vegetables that I wanted. An egg bake is basically a baked omelet! For my bake I had…

1. About 10 eggs

2. Green and red peppers (used 1 of each)

3. 1 Sweet onion (used 1/4)

4. 1 tomato (used half)

5. Fresh broccoli (used full crown)

6. 6 slices of turkey bacon

I always soak my veggie/fruit in vinegar water before using them While my veggies were being cleansed, I baked the bacon in the oven and prepared my baking dish with olive oil cooking spray. I then rinsed the veggies off and chopped them up. I placed them in the dish, the bacon on top and poured the raw eggs over top. I then popped the dish in the oven on 350 for about 25 minutes (did the good ole’ stick a fork in it if it’s done trick) and took it out to cool. I did taste a forkful and it was delicious and I will be using it for my breakfast for this upcoming week! Will probably pair with an apple/kiwi and cup of water and will have a great breakfast meal!

As far as calories, fat, or even serving size, because I didn’t follow a recipe I am not 100% sure and do not want to lie to you but look at the ingredients you’ve included…they’re all good foods so just don’t overindulge and you’ll be fine!

Also, feel free to add any other foods such as mushrooms or spinach or even take items out, use what you like! Some people include cheese on theirs, but I am trying to avoid dairy (minus eggs) so I did not!

Remember, breakfast is THE most important meal so don’t skip out on it, it should be your biggest meal! And, also you are what you eat so limit your processed foods!!

Check out my bake below as well as a pic of all of the veggies I used.

girls with goodsbeginning breakfast bake

One Comment on “Breakfast Bake!

  1. Loving all the vegetables however normally when I scramble eggs I use milk. My question is,can you use milk or is that a no-no?


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