Progress Check!

It may be hard to see any progress along your journey, but the hardest thing is to not have any standard to measure your progress by. Yes I take millions of pictures, yes I’m the scale all the time and yes, my clothes are starting to get too big…but I’ve also set goals for myself to measure my success by.

When I first started my weight loss/ healthy lifestyle journey I decided that I wanted to be 170 lbs and to fit in to a size 12 pants. I was a size 16/18 at the time and over 200 lbs so I thought that this would help me to get healthier and was a good goal, that I could reach. Well…I reached that goal! And currently I am past it, weighing in 3/23 at 165 lbs and fitting in a size 12. Reaching my original weight loss goal was definitely a confidence boost as well as a sense of accomplishment because I had achieved a goal. Because I’ve been having so much fun getting healthier, I actually set a new goal for myself, I want to get to 160 lbs. (Once I hit that I may keep going, I may not lol)…at this point I want to begin to focus more heavily on weight lifting and toning my body, which is not easy. Setting goals has honestly helped me to stay on track because I am working toward something and each step closer is a mini accomplishment in itself.

I also use these goals in times where I begin to doubt any progress that I’ve made, which is often, by comparing how far I’ve came.

Anywhoo, this post was to celebrate that I have made my goal, I have set a new goal and I will crush that one as well! Have you set your goals yet?

Check out one of my progress pics below…

progress check

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