It’s All About Self Confidence

The biggest barrier that most people face when dealing with their weight is honestly mentality. You can be making the right changes and losing weight and still not be happy with yourself because it’s all in how you feel about yourself.

Personally, I sometimes look in the mirror and still see that two hundred plus pound girl that I used to be and realize it is all a mental game. In order to truly be satisfied with your progress and proud of all you’ve accomplished you have to be in this journey  for the right reason. This means setting a SMART goal for yourself. Set a goal that is simple, measurable, attainable,  relevant and time bound.

For me, in January 2015 I set a goal to lose 21 lbs to wear a size 12 by the end of the year. Though I gave myself so much time I was working toward something every single day. Before I set this goal however, I just had goals to lose weight and would look to other people to be more like them but this, at times, became extremely discouraging . I stumbled across this picture and it just makes sense, everyone is different, your body, your shape, your body fat percentage, your height, your genes etc. so you have to look to you, to make your own goals.

154 all

After setting my own goals and reaching them, I set a new smart goal, 160 lbs by March, and once I reached that I realized I could keep pushing . My new goal is to be 150 pounds by my road trip to OVO/Carribana in Canada in July!

I also made myself a promise to not compare myself or my body to everyone around me, or else I would go crazy!

It is important to not only challenge yourself but to also reward yourself, this is not an easy journey but it is rewarding.

Starting Weight: 220 lbs

Current Weight: 159 lbs

Goal Weight: 155lbs and toned!

blog pic 3 blog pic 1

2 Comments on “It’s All About Self Confidence

  1. This post really hit home for me. I am starting to learn how to be more confident with myself. I feel a big difference in my attitude. It has really helped me love who I am and reach my weight goals. Thanks girl. 🙂


    • I’m so glad it did! It’s all about confidence, which everyone struggles with at one point or another and it comes from comparing yourself to other people when everyone have something they wish they could change! It’s all about you and I’m glad you’re feeling it! Believe me there’s someone out there envious of you lol


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