Have your cake and eat it too!

Though I wouldn’t really recommend you eating all of the cake that you want, I do recommend all things in moderation. I’ve always had a mean sweet tooth and it’s been important to me that I cut my sugar intake, in order to lose and then maintain my weight loss. 

Every week I meal prep. I meal prep for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks in between. I also meal prep, for desert, on occasion (you know the whole moderation thing) to plan for success and not have any sweets that’ll totally throw me off my game. 

Some of my usuals would be fruit, banana and peanut butter, yogurt and strawberries, or kiwis and blueberries and other times it got a lot more fun….

I, despite my being lactose intolerant, LOVE ice cream and knew it wasn’t something I could willingly give up…not for good at least. So while grocery shopping, I stumbled upon this slightly healthier version of ice cream that I now include in some meal prep weeks. It’s absolutely delicious. All different flavors, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough or just fudge, for 100 calories. Did I mention that it’s Greek yogurt, so it’s packed with protein! 

I’ve tried almost all of the flavors and have yet to be disappointed! 

Though it’s not exactly cake, it’s a delicious substitute and a way to satisfy that sweet tooth that many of us can’t ignore! And even for those who don’t have a sweet tooth, it’s a satisfying treat on a warm sunny day! 

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