Not Another New Year Resolution

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe that it is 2016? Can you believe we’re already 6 days into January? Can you believe 2015 has came and gone? Can you believe that 2015 has came and gone AND you still haven’t figured out this weight loss thing?…well I can, because if you’re like me and many other Americans, you’re going about it the wrong way.Now, I didn’t mean to offend anyone, but it’s time for some tough love, and it is time to get real. If you want to get healthier and want to be happier with yourself let’s make a real plan, set real goals and get real results. Yes, I know you’ve tried everything, and you’ve tried it every time, but give it one more go.

I did mention above that I was going about this weight loss thing the wrong way, but I’ve found a formula that worked for me and I want to share that with you. If you’ve been following my journey and my blog for the past few months,  then you can see that I not only talk the talk, but I walk the walk. I was over 200 lbs at 5’2″ , severely overweight and severely unhealthy.I researched every diet fad, every pill, every get skinny quick scheme out there, even surgeries, but for the longest I never looked into what I was doing to make myself this way and how I could change that. I say this all of the time but it’s seriously a lifestyle change, once we embrace that concept, weight loss will be off our New Year Resolution list.

Workout Meme

A lifestyle change is exactly what it sounds like, changing your lifestyle, your life, your habits, your thought processes, your eating patterns, your exercising habits and your attitude towards yourself.


  1. Be realistic with yourself. Your schedule is busy. Your life is hectic. You have no time to do it the right way, right? WRONG! You want permanent and positive results? Make that schedule work for you! Proper planning prevents poor performance. You know you have to work late Mondays, the kids have practice, you have night school or that second job? Have your healthy snacks ready, have those apples and peanut butter or carrots and hummus on hand. Meal prep so that dinner for yourself or for your family is ready, balanced and healthy. Don’t get caught off guard, that’s when we make that McDonald’s run or grab those Doritos and Cheetos, it’s only convenient and cheap because we made it that way by not being prepared.
  2. Don’t take shortcuts. Yes pills sometimes work, yes those detox teas and shakes probably taste good, but ask yourself….am I going to drink these forever? No, most likely not. Make habits that will last you and benefit you, make your own detox tea with water, ginger and honey or your own smoothie with chia seeds, fruit and veggies. But couple those things with your other meals, work that into your meal plan for the day. Don’t let it be your meals for a few weeks while you lose weight and wonder why the weight comes back once you quit those intense diets. Don’t do drastic or dramatic in this lifestyle change, gradually cut down on foods that aren’t good for your diet and increase the good, don’t cut out food completely to drop 5 lbs, of what will be water weight and will creep back!!
  3. Be honest with yourself. You drink soda/juice? You’re not going to quit completely in 1 day or even 1 week. You’ve never been to a gym? You’re not going to be running full speed on the treadmill your first day. Work with what you got! Add more water than soda to your daily drink intake. Make sure water is the first and last thing you drink during the day. Go to the gym, wear your nice gym clothes so you’re feeling good about yourself, and walk on the treadmill, at an incline level of 1. Pace yourself and work up to the level you want to be on. This way, you won’t overdue it, you’ll be able to challenge yourself by getting better and better with each day, and you’ll be less likely to give up.


For starters, let’s cut down on these things in our diet and try to make a plan to be active for at least 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week.

  1. Soda/Juice (alternative: water, seltzer water, green tea with honey)
  2. Potato Chips (carrots & hummus)
  3. Fried Foods (Baked foods)
  4. White bread/rice/pasta (whole grains, whole wheat, multi grain)


Progress Pic!

Down from 220 lbs to 143lbs. From size 20 to a size 6/8

After 1

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