Working out with a twist -Zumba 

Going to the gym isn’t the only way to work up a sweat! Organized classes such as Zumba or even yoga can be a great way to break up your normal routine and add a bit of spice to your workouts!

Though, I love going to the gym and doing my own workout at my own pace, I love doing group classes, it challenges you to keep up with the group and to push yourself! A friend of mine, and fellow Penn State Alum, Molly W., started teaching Zumba classes and convinced me to attend. Though this was not my first time participating in a Zumba course, it was a refreshing change from my usual routine.

For those who may not know, Zumba is a dance exercise class and is a ton of fun, works up a sweat and can really help you to drop some inches. Molly, spices up her classes by having theme nights, my favorite of which has been ‘Beyoncé Zumba’,  for obvious reasons.

Find a local club or organization that has organized classes or even get a group of your friends together and have your own class! As long as you’re getting up and moving, you’re doing better than the person on the couch and you’re headed in the right direction!

One of FAVORITE ways to get a workout in at home is to plug in my Wii and play Michael Jackson’s Dance game, if you put your all into it, your heart will be pumping and you’ll definitely break a sweat!

Molly and I



Check out your local gym to see if they offer classes, if so sign up! If not, do workouts at home by finding a Zumba video on Youtube! Whatever you do, get moving!

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