Jamaica, Jamaica

Travel Dates: June 1-June 5, 2017

All Inclusive Resort: Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa, Point Lucea, Lucea, Jamaica

I love to visit the Caribbean, the way of life, the beautiful water, the amazing food and the beautiful skies. This was my first time visiting Jamaica and I fell in love like I knew I would. The purpose of my trip was for my good friends celebration of graduating with both her undergrad and masters degree from the Pennsylvania State University. My best friend, Brittany, organized the trip, as she is the most organized person I know. I shared my journey with the below:



We stayed in an all inclusive and I’d definitely say that is the way to go! We had access to good food and great drinks 24/7 and it was already paid for, so we did pig out, rightfully so! The resort was beautiful and our hotel room had me feeling like royalty. This all did cost a pretty penny ($1,200 total with flight, insurance and hotel), Jamaica was the most expensive trip I’d taken aside from Egypt and the trip to South Africa I have planned in November 2017.

There were about 5 themed restaurants in the resort we could choose from for a more elegant dining experience. My absolute favorite was the Mexican themed because the steak might have been the best thing I had ever tasted.



We left the resort a few times for fun activities and the night life, which I highly recommend. This is the only time we had to use our own money.

We did a tour of Montego Bay on June 2, which was led by a native who gave us the entire run down of Jamaica’s political climate, social status of many peoples, spoke in depth of Bob Marley and the relationship Jamaica and US has and has had for many years. The tour took us on a bus around Mo-Bay, took us to a flea market to buy gifts and trinkets to bring back with us and lastly to my favorite part of the trip, to climb Dunns River Falls. We spent about 1 hour and a 1/2 climbing the side of this waterfall having an intense yet fun workout and taking plenty of pictures along the way.


On June, 3 we swam with the dolphins, touched sting rays, fed camels and touched sharks. Definitely one of the more exhilarating excursions I’ve done while in the Caribbean. We booked our excursions while still in the US, courtesy of the best friend, Brittany.


There was a nightclub in the resort which we did go to once, and it was okay. But my friends, for two nights, ventured off of the resort to a place called “The Hip Strip” which is reminiscent to a college town where a specific avenue has a slue of bars and clubs to bounce in and out of. They really enjoyed themselves,  I on the other hand, caught up on much needed rest.

The people of Jamaica were so friendly and welcoming, something I don’t see too often in NYC and it was refreshing. Our Jamaica get away was just that, a celebration and a mini getaway and it was perfect. Going the route of all inclusive led to a more laid back trip once in Jamaica because everything was taken care of and already paid for. I intend on visiting Jamaica again, and again, and again because the island has so much history, beautiful beaches and amazing food. Who knows I could be Jamaican…..*cues Bam by Jay Z and Damien Marley*


  1. Definitely the all inclusive resort. Pricey up front but it takes care of all needs. I also suggest booking excursions ahead so you only need to take emergency money with you.
  2. Food, the food was delicious and I could eat all of it all of the time!
  3. Beaches, the beaches were beautiful and the resort offered two beaches within 10ft
  4. Weather was perfect. There was rain one day for about 20 minutes but thankfully we were returning from our excursion so, we were on the bus and missed the entire downpour.


  1. Pricey. Jamaica is most definitely the most expensive trip I’ve taken. Between both the flight and the all inclusive resort cost me in upwards of $1,200.

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