Weight Loss Chronicles

September 16, 2014 I took a peek into the forbidden vault…yes, you’re thinking right, the weight loss documentation vault locked away on my iPhone.

I knew either joy and inspiration would come or a feeling of defeat and angst. Which one did I experience? Yes you’re right again…DEVASTATION. Did I not make any progress? Had all my hard work been washed away with the gallons of wine I drank? Was the scale lying to me? Did I just want to see progress in the mirror?

As usual I took to the internet to find tips, tricks, advice, a friend, anything to help.  (See this happens at least once a month where I relapse and get depressed that all of the sacrifices I had been making had gone unnoticed to the scale and my thighs). But this time I found an article, “50 Ways to lose 10 Pounds”, so of course I read it, 10 pounds! I’d love to lose another 10 pounds. The article had sound advice and it got me to thinking, especially #15…START A BLOG, start a blog they say? When would I have the time? Where would I start? Who would even read the blog for goodness sake? ……

Well I did it, I’m doing it and you’re reading it! And I hope you continue to read. I have a passion for helping people and I find that this in turn helps me, I will try different recipes, different workouts, different products, whatever it is and will take advice….tune in and also be on the lookout for other projects!

Starting Weight 2012: 217 lbs.

Goal: 50 lbs down

Today’s Weight: 25lbs down (192-195) My weight always fluctuates 3lbs.
Btw if anyone is interested in checking out the article follow this link http://www.prevention.com/weight-loss/weight-loss-tips/50-ways-lose-10-pounds?s=16

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