5 Travel Must Haves

No matter where I am going or how long I am going for, there are some items that I just cannot travel without. A few other posts have shown that I prefer to travel with just a carry on and a backpack, so this list works if you’re checking in your luggage or strapped for space via your carry-on.

1. Cell Phone

It may seem like a no-brainer to some, but I always make sure that I have my cell phone and that it is loaded with some essential travel apps.

Have you ever been lost in the middle of a new country where you don’t necessarily speak the language and can’t verbally communicate with anyone? Having the google translator app downloaded on my phone has not only shown me that I need to take my American privilege and check it at the door while learning a new language but allowed me to communicate with people by dictating into the phone and it spitting out the language that I need.

This is just one example of one of my favorite apps, but Global Convert to convert currencies, Map Apps and various others have been lifesavers and game changers while abroad.

I usually stick to wifi access for my phone, but have occasionally opted for an international package with AT&T to have cell access but haven’t really seen much value.

2. First Aid Kit

Yes, I bring my first aid kit everywhere with me, I am not just a hypochondriac, but I’m also accident prone, so I really don’t have much choice.

Contents: Band-Aids, Neosporin, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Allergy Pills, eye drops, Dramamine (motion sickness), Ice Pack, Heating Pack, Nasal spray, wrist brace, and Lysol spray/wipes to name a few of my included items. Though Lysol isn’t really a first aid item, it’s so essential for my mental health that I disinfect every hotel toilet, hotel bed, the little table on the plane, my hands, just everything that can hold a lot of germs.

Have you ever gotten stung by a bee in Jamaica, had a terrible allergy attack and no EpiPen? Well, it’s awful, so make sure you pack your first aid kit! I refresh my first aid kit before every trip to be sure I am in stock with all contents!

3. Cash

This may seem like a no-brainer but twice now have I personally experienced travel with someone who did.not.carry.any.cash. Do not come on a trip with me, actually do not come anywhere with me, without some cash! I have a travel credit card that I prefer to use, for the points and the security, but it should be common sense to have at least a little bit of cash on your persons. There have been so many occasions where places may not accept cards, the area may be a bit too sketchy to use your card or card readers have broken, and it’s a bit of a burden to have to pay double when it may not have been in your budget.

4. Portable Charger

Between taking millions of photos and videos, and all of my favorite travel apps I mentioned above, my phone battery percentage is usually struggling. If you’re anything like me when creating your travel itinerary, it’s usually packed from morning to night. Instead of going without my phone during our packed days I carry my portable charger so I can plug up anywhere!

You can get a portable charger anywhere, even Amazon!

 5. Comfy Sneakers

As much as I love a cute heel or sandal, it doesn’t make sense to suffer through any foot discomfort when you could just opt for a sensible shoe. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Adidas and their comfy yet affordable sneaks, and I make sure to pack them, or actually I’m usually wearing them to travel, on every trip. Not only do I like to try to get a workout in on occasion, but some activities basically require proper footwear.

There are a few other items that I like to carry such as a notebook to jot down experiences and a jacket for colder temps, but the above are my must-haves!

What items do you have on your must-pack list? 


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