Travel Tips: Luggage Scale

Picture this,  you’re super excited to go on your vacation. Your bags are packed, passport secured and the anticipation is near killing you as you make your way to the airport. You approach the check-in counter, ready to offload your luggage so you can grab an over-priced airport cocktail before you get ready to show off your boarding pass on your Instagram stories, and BAM, you’re told that your bag is too heavy. Your two choices, trash some of your precious travel out[fits] or pay the excessive overweight fees. Which do you choose?


Because your travel story goes nothing like the overly dramatized saga above being you took Kalyn’s advice and invested in a luggage scale. (And yes, I did just refer to myself in the third person.)


Less than $20 USD on Amazon or in your local Target, a luggage scale can prevent headaches and heartaches, allowing you to weigh your luggage from the comfort of your home.

Newly popular budget airlines such as Norwegian or Spirit or many international flights have strict weight limits for carry-on bags and not following the rules could cost you in upwards of $100 on some flights. Have you ever had to make the decision between bringing back all of your clothes or 4 bottles of wine or risk the luggage fees? Well, me either, because I bring my luggage scale with me on my destinations as well!

I picked mine up from Target and got an off brand version but it has yet to let me down and gives me measurements in either Kg’s or Lbs. My advice: Get you one!

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