Travel Tips: Lysol

Before you give me a deep eye-roll wondering why I’m listing Lysol as one of my (top) travel tips, hear me out! I’m not a germaphobe per se, but I do like to disinfect most items that I’ll be touching that I know millions of others have touched, because, why not?

Have you ever thought about how dirty the tray and seats on an airplane are? Or even the toilet and linen in your hotel room/hostel? These thoughts are CONSTANTLY running through my mind so to appease my own sanity I always carry traveled size Lysol spray and Lysol wipes (TSA Friendly because we all know how annoying–I mean helpful, TSA can be).

Pictured above, both running less than $5 dollars either on Amazon or at your local Target, I wouldn’t dare travel anywhere without these staples, and you shouldn’t either. Perfect for all surfaces, I spray down toilets, bed linen, doorknobs, tv remotes, and whatever other surfaces look disinfect-able!


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