Travel Tips: #teamcarryon

My real blogging theme should be living your best life on a budget because I legit amaze everyone in my life with the deals I get and the way I am able to save money. Frugal, not cheap….if there’s even really any difference. I enjoy having a good time and treating myself, but I more-so enjoy financial security, so I’m always looking for a way to save a coin. My favorite way to do this while traveling is to be #team-carryon whenever possible.

Feel free to exit this post if you have a travel card that has free luggage/bags or only travel Southwest because, this ain’t for you. This post is for my fellow travelers who sometimes find themselves on Spirit or Norwegian Airlines or who realize they can survive that 5 day trip with only 2 pairs of shoes.

Most airlines charge between $25-50 dollars for a checked bag, with the exception of budget airlines who charge closer to $50-$75 per checked bag. Why not save that money and reinvest it into your trip via excursions or more importantly, food!

Invest in an practical carry on suitcase, wheels of course, and a set of packing cubes. My fav packing cubes are linked: HERE and I get all of my luggage from TjMaxx/Marshalls. Packing cubes will allow for more organized packing which will allot for more space in your bag. The linked packing cubes come with 7 pieces, shoe bag, laundry bag, 2 large bags, toiletry bag, 2 medium sized bags.

My trick to packing for long term trips (7 days or more) in a carry on bag:

  1. Lay out complete outfits but have pieces that can be worn more than once (i.e. jeans/pants). Look at what you have and eliminate 1-2 outfits. Most people tend to overpack. Then roll items neatly into packing cubes.
  2. Wear thickest/bulkiest clothing items if possible. Such as tennis shoes, jackets, sweats (Always bring at least one pair of sweats)
  3. Limit shoes by bringing shoes that will match with majority of your outfits. Always have at least one pair of sneakers/tennis shoes with you.
  4. Really only pack the necessities when it comes to toiletries but be aware of what are necessities in your life. If you have allergies don’t ditch the Benadryl.
  5. Think about what items make sense to purchase at your location and if you’ll be able to make said purchases once at your destination. I never pack beach towels when I’m traveling.
  6. Wear a backpack or large duffle as your personal item to fit more items, opposed to a purse! Pack a spare outfit in said backpack! 

I challenge everyone to try to be #teamcarryon on your next adventure. I was able to do so on a 10 day trip to Thailand/Japan and a 6 day Euro Trip and still have a fabulous vacation. Just be aware of weight limits and any other airline specific restrictions! 

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