Travel Tips: Favorite (HOTEL) Websites

I get asked quite often, “What are your favorite sites to use to book hotels?” Though this answer is riddled through just about every travel post I’ve done, I felt it would be nice to have a quick reference available to you all!

I LOVE Airbnb. If I have a choice between staying at an Airbnb location over a hotel, you bet that’s what I’m choosing. And this stands true for both domestic and international destinations. Not only do you typically get your own cozy space, but you usually get a chance to learn more about the culture of whatever place you’re visiting through your host. And often, it’s the more affordable option.

My favorite Airbnb experience has been our trip to Cuba. Our host was one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting!


#protip I always go book with a Superhost, and I usually book my excursions through Airbnb as well!

This site has actually gotten me out of a bind twice. Stuck in inclement weather, unable to drive so forced to find lodging for the evening, has offered rates up to 30% cheaper than the actual hotel. I literally stood in the lobby of a Marriott booking online via, working with the front desk personnel, to save USD 45!

This site actually comes in handy quite often as well. An easy one-stop shop for both flights and hotels, I booked our Thailand, Japan, and Switzerland trip through this site! They usually are offering some sort of coupon or discount code, so never pay full price.

They also have a spectacular customer service team readily available to answer questions and resolve any issues!

I’m also a Marriot/Starwood Preferred Guest Reward member, so sometimes I book my stays directly through their site!

Happy Planning!


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