Hong Kong Series: Above & Beyond

Let’s talk about being vegan or vegetarian in an Asian country. It ain’t-easy, in the slightest bit. Literally, everything comes with a side of pork.

But it was a refreshing change of pace to experience Above and Beyond’s menu that both fulfilled my dietary needs and surpassed my taste buds’ desires. Above and Beyond is an upscale yet affordable restaurant located at the top of the Icon Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong. While I am neither vegan nor vegetarian since I eat the occasional fish or chicken dish, I do try to limit my meat intake as much as possible. The staff at Above and Beyond were able to accept dietary requests and truly went above and beyond, serving me a delicious vegetarian Dim Sum style lunch!

Dim Sum is a Chinese style cuisine, similar to Spanish Tapas’ bite-sized dishes, served on small plates or in steamer baskets. Each course was brought out one after another as we polished off the dishes individually.

Despite my vegetarian requests, my travel buddy and most adventurous food friend, Lauren of BK Mavens (IG @bkmavens), opted for a more traditional Dim Sum spread, including beef and pork options. It was perfect that we were both able to get our food needs met and without sacrificing any flavor.

Both of us were served 5 courses, finishing off with a traditional Chinese dessert.

My menu yielded dishes made of mushrooms, vegetables and rice, such as delicious steamed mushroom dumplings, vegetarian bean curd, and braised vegetable sprouts soup. While Lauren indulged in honey-glazed barbequed Kagoshima pork and fried rice. The food left us salivating for the next dish as we eagerly waited for each new plate to come out. My must-order item would be the Steamed Mushroom Dumplings with Bamboo Piths!


We were more than satisfied with this new and delicious cuisine while being catered by an attentive and amazing staff. We loved the cozy yet chic atmosphere of the restaurant so much that we decided to hang out near the bar and absorb the view while sipping on a few cocktails.

Aside from the gorgeous décor of the restaurant, the Icon Hotel of Hong Kong’s beauty eclipsed all other hotels I have been to while traveling. Even its perfect location was easily accessible by Hong Kong’s public train system or Uber/taxi. Icon Hotel would have been our top choice if we did not already have other accommodations.

If you are looking for somewhere to indulge in delicacies, catch a view of the city, and try new things, Above & Beyond will not disappoint. Moderately priced with perfect portions and expansive menu, it is the perfect stop to add on your itinerary when visiting Hong Kong.

Check below to see more pictures of Above and Beyond at the Icon Hotel.









5 Comments on “Hong Kong Series: Above & Beyond

  1. Nice read! I’m commend you for staying course with the vegan/vegetarian options while in Hong Kong cause I would’ve been smashing all that pork lol. Great review of your food and recommendation for the Icon hotel! 🙂


    • It was not easy, believe me, lol. The fact that pork is on every menu and there was a slight language barrier, I’m pretty sure one of my ramen dishes had a pork or beef broth base, lol, nonetheless, I tried!

      Thank you for checking out my post!


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