Dairy-Free​ Alternatives

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or simply want to cut back on your animal by-product intake, you may be looking for viable alternatives for the dairy products many of us grew up on. I’ve had an intolerance to lactose my entire life but as I’ve been getting older I’ve been able to ignore this discomfort less and less. As such, I’ve been on the hunt to for good options that wouldn’t cause irritation to my stomach but still pack the same flavor that I’ve grown to love and wanted to share with all of you.

There are everyday items that I use in my daily routines that I needed to not just swap out but to find products that would serve as seamless replacements. Check out the list below for some of my new favs.

  • Ripple Plant-Based Milk & Plant-Based Half & Half
  • Trader Joes Brand Almond Milk & Vanilla Soy Creamer
  • Almond Breeze Milk
  • Silk Soy Creamer (Both Vanilla and Original)
  • So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Greek Yogurt Alternative & Cheese Shreds
  • Halo Top Dairy-Free Ice Cream (Oatmeal Cookie is my favorite flavor)
  • Daiya Foods Dairy-Free Cream Cheese
  • Miyoko’s Vegan Butter
    • Or mash avocados to sub for butter

Outside of any dietary restrictions leading to the need to eliminate dairy from one’s diet, there are many health benefits to reducing our dairy intake. Switching to a dairy-free diet, or drastically reducing intake can lead to less bloating, better respiratory health, weight loss, clearer skin, improved digestion and decreased risk of cancer, amongst other benefits. There are also many ethical reasons to want to decrease dairy intake, such as animal cruelty awareness and reducing the footprint on our air quality and ecosystems.

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