Peru Series: Secret Forest Cafe

Am I a foodie yet? Well, if not, I still like to throw my opinion in the ring when I find a new dish or restaurant that I think everyone should try.

I had an entire itinerary planned for Peru, restaurant recommendations included but decided to go with the flow and find a spot for breakfast off of google maps. After looking for a few minutes and reviewing 100’s of photos of food, I stumbled upon El Bosque Secreto cafe or in English, The Secret Forest Cafe.


Located in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima, Peru, less than 5 minutes walking distance from the Courtyard Marriot Miraflores, the cafe is nestled at the back of a small walkway, near a tattoo shop and a small, picturesque sitting area, easy to miss if not paying attention.


As soon as we entered the cafe we were greeted with a huge smile by the cafe owner, Claudia, who encouraged us to sit down and offered us menus, written in Spanish with some English translations. I immediately knew what I wanted, after seeing pictures on google maps, but after hearing of the options decided to order huevos fritos (fried eggs) to accompany my waffle con fresa y platatno and cafe sin leche o azucar (waffles with strawberries and bananas and coffee without milk or sugar).


I am not sure what they use to make the waffle batter, aside from a little slice of heaven, but they were so light and sweet and when paired with the fresh fruit, were absolutely delectable. The coffee was also so fresh that adding anything to it was unnecessary (take notes Dunkin Donuts). I split my order of waffles with one of my friends, while our third friend ordered his own plate and we all had an order of fried eggs that also came with toast. The meal was so good and the “cherry on top” was the low cost, at about 30 soles for my meal plus coffee (Approx. less than $10USD).

Aside from us enjoying our meal and the interior of the cafe, the owner’s Claudia and her husband, were so kind, offering us their WhatsApp contact to help us with the rest of our trip as well as other tips for things like ways to avoid altitude sickness in Cusco and the best places to visit while in Lima. Our first stop on our first full day in Peru, we enjoyed our meal so much, we decided to make another visit on the morning of our last day in Lima, to order the same exact meals, of course!

If you’re ever in Lima, which you most certainly should be, make sure to visit out my friend’s over at The Secret Forest Cafe in Miraflores. Check HERE for the Secret Forest Cafe facebook page with more information such as an address, contact info, and more pictures. Check HERE to see Google reviews, including mine, where you can read other reviewer’s experiences and check out photos to help you decide what meal you’ll want to indulge in.


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