As I began to travel more, I began to notice a change in my skin, from increased breakouts, dark marks and even dryness. I realized the negative effects of the various climates I was now exposing my skin too, different water, and even things like new pillow cases which were impacting my skin and knew I needed to make changes to my daily routine. I stepped my game up, per say, by developing an actual morning and night routine and buying products that would withstand all of different elements. For reference, after seeing an esthetician, I know that I have a normal skin type, this makes a difference in the types of products that will work best for my skin type, but the overall process that I use can be a good starting point for anyone!

If you are looking to find what your skin type is, to find a guide on a free skincare regimen or free skin care ingredients guide, check out one of my new favorite brands Kanti Skin (IG: @kantiskin)! I recently added their likuid gold luxury glo oil to my regimen and suggest you do the same, sis! Check <<HERE>> to grab a bottle!

Below is a list of some of my other favorite skin care products and a video outlining my process!

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