Aruba Ariba Series: Traveling During Covid-19

What’s something that’s an extreme sport? Traveling to Aruba during Covid-19.

By this point, I’ve written several disclaimers regarding traveling during Covid-19 and want to reiterate that I am neither encouraging nor condemning travel during this time, but as a travel blogger, will continue to provide research and create content- this being said, check my recent post on traveling safely during covid HERE. You can either use this information in the present or in the future, just stay safe, responsible and wear a mask.

Welcome to Aruba!! The Aruban government has set up extreme measures to ensure safe travel to their island and I was completely here for it. In order to travel to Aruba, the following must be done:

🛩 Aruba has completely digitized their embarkation/disembarkation process and the online ED card is mandatory for all travelers to Aruba. All non-resident travelers, including visa required countries, are required to obtain an online travel qualification using the online system prior to being granted permission for boarding by visiting this SITE.

🛩If you have been qualified to travel to Aruba, it establishes that you are eligible to board an inbound plane to Aruba and then you must provide basic travel information such as birth date, passport details, duration of stay and so forth. You then complete a personal health assessment, to be submitted within 72 and 4 hours prior to travel to Aruba.

🛩It is then mandatory to present a valid PCR COVID-19 negative test. The test needs to be administered within 3 days and 12 hours before your direct departure flight to Aruba. AUTHORIZED PCR test applicable for Aruba is the combined nasal / oral specimen through PCR testing (PCR/Molecular/RNA/NAA (T)/ID NOW). You will then have 3 options
OPTION 1: Upload a negative PCR test result. Tests are inspected and validated by the Department of Public Health.
OPTION 2: Show your PCR test. Tests are inspected and validated upon arrival by the Department of Public Health.
OPTION 3: Pay for PCR testing at the airport upon your arrival in Aruba (NON REFUNDABLE).
I’d recommend option 1 or you will be required to mandatory quarantine inside your room at your booked accommodation for up to 24 hours awaiting the test results with options 2/3.

🛩 You must then purchase Aruba’s Visitor’s Insurance ($30 USD) despite having any other insurance. All documents will be emailed to you and then you will need to present prior to boarding your flight to Aruba and again upon arrival.

🛩 Once in Aruba, everyone is required to wear a mask in public spaces, in addition to temperate checks & contact tracing protocols!

For more information on the steps above or any other details for traveling to Aruba- be sure to check HERE. Happy Planning!

Stay tuned for more from the Aruba Ariba Series including logistics, must-do activities and more.

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