Aruba Ariba Series; Visiting Flamingo Island

I’m sure you’ve been seeing photos of the flamingos in Aruba all over social media as this beach has garnered more attention over the past four years, and rightfully so. I would absolutely say visiting Flamingo Beach is a must-do when visiting Aruba. (To read my Aruba blog post, with all things on getting there, where to stay and what to do, check HERE).

Getting to Flamingo Beach? You’ll have 2 options:

Option 1: Flamingo Beach is located on the Renaissance Hotel’s Private Island, if you are a guest of the Renaissance Hotel you will have free, unlimited access to the island!

Option 2: If you’re not a guest of the hotel, you can get a day pass through the Renaissance for $125 USD. Days passes usually sell out within minutes and if the hotel is at 80% capacity or more, they tend to not sell any day passes at all. A lot of blogs and traveler suggest booking a room at the hotel for a night (avg. nightly rate=$150 USD) to better secure a spot. For a tour of the Renaissance Hotel, check my IGTV HERE The hotel was truly lovely, in a great location, I’d definitely recommend it for people visiting the island.

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The only way to get to the Renaissance Island Flamingo beach is by boat. Speedboats leave every 15 minutes from across the street from the [Renaissance] hotel and it’s about a 10 minute ride.  

The island is open from 7am-6pm. I’d suggest you get there early if you want pictures with the flamingos and then just stay all day! There is more than enough to fill an an entire day at Flamingo Beach, from simple lounging, the various beach activities such as snorkeling, paddle-boarding, kayaking and more, and the two restaurants serving delicious meals and cocktails. There are also restaurants, towels, beach chairs and even cabanas available. The cabanas or private bungalows come with an overwater hammock and prices range from $2-$400 USD daily. Though it does not come with food or drinks, it’s still a good time, being it was me and my gf’s birthday, they convinced me to splurge for the bungalow and I’m so glad I did!

Note, there are two sides to the island, similar to the hotel, the family friendly and the adult only sides. Be mindful of this if you decide to book a cabana. And if bringing kids, the side that the Flamingos are typically on (keep in mind, they roam over the entire island), is the adult only side, but kids are allowed on this side for certain hours a day to see the pink flamingos. There are a set of “white” flamingos and a set of flamingos with a more pink hue.

WATCHOUT: I got bit TWICE when trying to flick it up with the flamingos, once on the butt and once on my shoulder. They were either annoyed, hungry or both and thus aggressive lol. The bites weren’t hard enough to break skin but it did hurt.






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