13 USA Destinations Every Black Woman Should Visit in their Lifetime

As a black woman, I like to enter any space unapologetically as myself, but I’d be kidding myself if I acted as though I’m always well received. Though this doesn’t stop me, I still go where I want, I take the proper precautions first, some of these things are:

  1. Building a loose itinerary and sharing with my emergency contact so that someone always knows where I am
  2. Ensuring that I am always able to contact someone, either by turning on my international service with AT&T or purchasing a SIM card that enables cellular use
  3. Vetting my lodging choices by reading through several reviews, whether I’m staying in an AirBNB, hostel or a hotel!
  4. Though I encourage solo travel, I travel in groups or with another partner often, especially if a destination is notorious for becoming unwelcoming to solo women travelers
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Despite the world being unjust and there being a few unkind people, I am overwhelmed with the kindness I’m often met with from strangers, even while traveling in the US! Alongside 11 other travelers, Franny The Traveler, had us share our top destinations and compiled that list HERE on her website! Check out the post to see what my recommended city was and to get sometimes to help plan your next adventure, even if it’s in your own backyard!

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