Holiday Gift Guide Traveler Edition| 18 Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, you may find yourself questioning what to gift your loved ones this season. It may be especially hard to figure out what to get the globetrotter in your life because let’s be honest, hardly any gifts top that of the gift of adventure. Except for something that helps make travel easier or is travel in itself!

Below, I’m sharing 18+ gift ideas from my own wish list this season (or past wish lists), these will make the perfect gifts to aid the travel lover in your life, even if it’s yourself!

Firstly, if you have a loved one who’s recently been bitten by the travel bug, but they’re not quite sure where to start, help them out by getting them a copy of my travel guide, The Ditch The Travel Agent Start Kit, a 30+ page e-guide with all the travel need to knows, HERE. You can also grab them a copy of one of my itineraries HERE to help ease their travel planning.

$ These are great gifts that won’t necessarily break the bank. They could also make up a great gift basket or bag.

a) Compression Socks: Any frequent traveler knows the very real risk of blood clotting when on long haul flights, compression socks help reduce the risk by improving/increasing circulation and reducing swelling. Here are a few of my favorite compression socks: Vim & Vigr and Amazon.
b) Tripod: Whether traveling solo or with a group, it may still be challenging to get the perfect shot, help your friend capture all of their favorite moments, and a few Tiktoks, with a tripod! There are handheld ones that they can use vlog style or larger ones to better capture more intimate, special moments. My favorites are listed HERE in my Amazon storefront.
c) Luggage Tag: While I try to be #teamcarryon where and when possible, sometimes you need to check a bag, and you need your checked bag to stand out, it’s easy to do so with a chic luggage tag, HERE is a list of some cute, affordable luggage tags.
d) Power Bank: Rule #1: never get caught slipping with a dead phone! I carry my portable power bank everywhere when traveling for quick and easy access to charge my phone. Gift convenience and safety with one of THESE devices.
e) Luggage Scale: Why wait until you get to the airport to see how heavy your suitcase is, you can better prepare at home with a handheld luggage scale, found HERE.
f) Door Stopper: Safety first, always, whether traveling with a group or flying solo, give your globetrotter peace of mind with this safety device, HERE.
g) Packing Cubes: Help your traveler (or yourself) to not only fit more in your suitcase but better organize everything all together with packing cubes. THESE have been my dirty little secret to being #teamCarryOn for so long!

$$ A little more pricey, these gifts will be sure to put a smile on your world traveler’s face!

a) New Luggage: You can never go wrong with gifting your loved one a nice, new luggage set so they can travel in style, check out these quality brands here, Calpack, Away (Offering up to 40% off for Black Friday), and Amazon. Don’t forget to check out TJMaxx and Marshalls, I picked up all of my luggage at these stores for a great price!
b) Scratch Map: My friends and family got me a scratch map for my birthday and it’s one of my favorite ways to remember my trips, you can get really nice ones right on Amazon or by checking this list from Vivid Maps HERE.
c) Toothbrush Sanitizer: Help your travel lover in ways they may not even know they need help by purchasing them a toothbrush sanitizer to keep the bacteria and organisms to a minimum in between brushing, HERE are some affordable, portable sanitizers.
d) Personal Water Filter: Depending on where you’re traveling, the water may not be deemed safe to drink, help your traveler to help themselves and the environment by getting them a portable water filter. There are several options on Amazon, check them out HERE.
e) Passport Wallet: One of the keys to a successful trip is organization and planning, help your traveler to stay organized with a passport wallet where they can keep their important documents, cards, files, and a pen all in one place. HERE is a list of some great passport wallets as well as HERE, HERE, and HERE.
f) Gift Card: You can gift as little or as much as you want, any amount that your travel lover can put towards their next adventure will go a long way. Some of our favorite travel companies offer gift cards such as Airbnb,, Southwest, Carnival, Delta, and many more!

$$$ These lux items and the matching price tags will make excellent presents for the traveler in your life, helping to elevate their travel game or capture all of the memories.

a) Luxury Luggage: Self-explanatory, spoil your loved one, or yourself, with a higher-end piece of luxury luggage like these LV duffles.
b) Trip/Travel Fund: Arguably, the best gift, you can never go wrong with a cash donation towards your travel lover’s travel fund or next trip! No amount is too small as long as it helps get you to your destination!
c) Camera: One of the best things I’ve gifted myself was my Canon EOS M50 Vlogging Camera, I am able to capture the most intimate of my travel moments for my forever memories! You can go higher end or even throw back to an instant camera with one of the FujiFilm Instax Mini cameras!
d) A flight: Self-explanatory, helping your globetrotter literally see the globe by funding their next flight will certainly go over well! Several airlines will be offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals like Delta, Emirates, and Jet Blue.
e) Drone: Drones are definitely the new IT travel gadget, helping to capture amazing footage and images from above on your travels, like never before! I’ve linked to some great Drone options right on Amazon, check them out HERE.

As an added gift, below is a list of companies who will be running Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals:

Jet Blue
CNN Shares a list of companies & offers HERE
Travel & Leisure Shares a list of offers HERE

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to get yourself something nice this holiday season! Check my Amazon Storefront HERE for links to the rest of my travel necessities.

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