About Me

Hi, I’m Kalyn!


I started Weight Loss Travel Gains as an outlet for myself while completing my weight loss journey as a way to publicly hold myself accountable. Along the way, my love for travel found itself intertwined with this weight loss journey as it was important to adapt this new life style change into all areas and aspects of my everyday life.

For some crazy reason, people started to gravitate towards my site and seek my opinion or advice and I decided to be more intentional with my posts, putting out content that would be helpful and answer the questions you all have!

So, whether you are here to find tips or inspiration for your own weight loss journey or want advice on planning your next getaway, 86 lbs. down and 16 countries in, I plan to share my “expertise”, share my mistakes and share any known secrets.


I want people to see the successes, the failures, the struggles, everything that comes along with natural weight loss. I want to be motivation to others as well as providing a therapeutic experience via blogging for myself!

South Africa 2017 | Table Mountain

I also want to encourage people to travel, to explore the world. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, I did not grow up surrounded by the world’s diversity. I realized how limiting it can be to not get to learn from other people, about other people and with other people. I will share the fun, the embarrassing and, the very real stories of my attempts to see the world on a budget.


-Kalyn F.

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I do run a separate business, REZO, a career services destination geared towards young professionals aiming to teach and enhance necessary career skills such as resume work, cover letter reviews, and career search prep. Visit our website, rezoreviews.com, to learn more about the services we provide or email info@rezoreviews.com for more information.