10k Steps Challenge

Around the World in 10,000 Steps w/ @FitFlyFlournoy

It is so important that we stay active, not just to achieve a certain physique, but to stay in good health and to build long-lasting habits that we can maintain for years to come. Anything from being more mindful of the food choices we make, increasing our water intake, and most importantly, moving more, we can develop these habits.

In a way to utilize my platform and combine my fitness goals and passion for travel, I created this initiative, Around the World in 10,000 Steps, encouraging small or large acts of physical activity while on vacation. This can be a domestic or international trip, or even in our own backyards!

Why 10,000 Steps?

  • The CDC actually recommends 150 minutes of activity per week and breaking it down by a daily step goal of at least 10k can be a way to satisfy this requirement
  • 10,000 steps are roughly 4-5 miles or roughly 30 min of activity
  • Completing an additional 10k steps a day can burn between 2000-3500 calories per week and 1lb of fat is equal to 3,500 calories
  • It is an easy, whole and achievable number

Why On Vacation? 

You may be questioning, “why do I want to do this on vacation,  I am trying to relax and unwind?” Typically we tend to consume more calories, both food and drinks/alcohol, while on vacation and we relax our usual at-home workout routines. Though I am encouraging that we continue to enjoy and somewhat indulge on our vacations, because we deserve it, I am also suggesting that we add some sort of activity to our schedules. What kind of activities counts towards the #AroundTheWorldin10k challenge?

  • Hiking
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Walking/Exploring a New City (@ least 10k steps)
  • Workout Classes (yoga, boot camps, etc.)
  • 5Ks or Marathons
  • Cycling
  • Skiing
  • Other

How Do I Track My Steps?

The purpose of Weight Loss Travel Gains is to not only inspire my viewers to achieve their own goals but to also document my journey with fitness and travel and the creative ways that I go about this. I want to use this new initiative to get all of my followers, new and old, to pledge with me and challenge themselves to carve out time in at least 1 day of their vacation and take 10,000 steps.  Every trip they take. How do I join the challenge? It’s simple: 

  1. Fit some sort of physical activity into your vacation plans
  2. Subscribe to my blog- Weight Loss Travel Gains
  3. Connect w/ me on Instagram @fitflyflournoy or Facebook WeightLossTravelGains
  4. Use hashtag #AroundTheWorldIn10k on all of your social media 10k steps challenge related posts 10kstepschallenge


Those who use the hashtag, #AroundTheWorldin10k, will be featured and reposted on Instagram, Facebook and possible the website, Weightlosstravelgains.com.

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