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Aruba Ariba Series: Traveling During Covid-19

What’s something that’s an extreme sport? Traveling to Aruba during Covid-19. The Aruban government has set up extreme measures to ensure safe travel to their island and I was completely here for it. Check my post to see all of the steps you must follow in order to safely travel to Aruba during Covid-19

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Exploring San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking to plan a visit San Juan, Puerto Rico? Well look no further, I have you covered from getting there, best areas to stay, locating good eats, activities, and more! Escape mainland US and get a taste of the Caribbean and the tropics.

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“A Day in Series” Nashville, TN

What’s not to be missed when visiting Nashville, TN? Looking to plan a visit to the Music City? Well look no further, my latest A Day in Series walks through how to get there, where to stay, best eats & must-do’s! I also tour and review our stay at the Cambria Hotel downtown!

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A Day in Series: Bridgton, Maine

Looking for a quick & quiet getaway? Well look no further, Bridgton, Maine is the perfect escape full of outdoor activities, adventure & scrumptious seafood. Check out my latest A Day in Series: Bridgton, Maine to see where to stay, where to eat and what to do!

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A Day in Series Martha’s Vineyard

The latest installment of my A Day in Series takes you to Martha’s Vineyard! Small but lively island off the coast of Cape Cod, Ma. Read for all things MV- how to get there, where to stay, must-do’s and best places to eat! Also learn a bit of Martha’s Vineyard history.

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“A Day in Series” Newport, Rhode Island

Looking for a quick getaway jam packed with good food, good views and tons to do? Rhode Island, affectionately known as the Vacation State, is the perfect place to be a beach bum, eat your weight in oysters & visit historic places like the Cliff Walk or Breakers mansion. Read my post for more ideas on where to stay, what to do & places to eat

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How To: Traveling SAFELY During Covid

Tourism provides approximately 10.4% of the world’s jobs, so if we can safely do our part to help the many people impacted by the Covid driven decline in travel, I see that as a win,win. Read my post on Traveling Safely During Covid to see my top 7 tips to see the world while limiting your exposure/spread of covid-19.

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