You know why I’m here. Deep Dish Pizza and Obama!

Chicago has been on my “list” for a while now as a must-visit US city and this desire only intensified after reading Michelle Obama’s award-winning book, Becoming. I finally was able to make this longing a reality in July of 2019, the weekend of Complexcon Chicago. My girlfriends and I planned a girl’s weekend, centered around some of the events happening at Complexcon, making sure to eat and sight-see our way through the city.

I flew via American Airlines and after a ton of canceled and rescheduled flights as well as lack-luster customer service, I arrived at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). This airport is huge and was a bit difficult to navigate, especially when trying to find the ride-sharing pick-up spot to locate my lyft. For some odd reason, ORD has the ride-sharing pickup for domestic arrivals near the domestic departures/entrance.

As I have a friend who lives right on the outside of the city I did not need a hotel and was thankful for this as I was able to save a ton of money. Like San Francisco, hotels seemed to be a bit pricey in the city. If possible, try to either book well in advance or take advantage of options like Airbnb to save on lodging. Staying slightly outside of the city is also an option, especially if when located near a train line.

We rented a car for the weekend and though we were able to find parking for the most part, between street parking or reasonably priced garages, there were a few times we used public transportation and I would highly recommend this. The trains are labeled by color, green line, red line, orange line, etc. and there is also a bus system to help navigate the busy city streets. A one-way train ride cost us about $2.50. We got a train pass that we were able to load up as needed. These can be easily purchased at any train station. Lastly, google maps is a great way to navigate the city and the trains for those unfamiliar.


Literally, my first stop in Chicago-Giordano’s Pizza, in their downtown location. Living in NYC for the better part of my adulthood, I know good pizza and as a call to the “who has the best pizza” debate, I had to weigh in with my opinion. I love NYC but Chicago might have this one. I normally shy away from the super touristy food spots, but Giordano’s lived up to the hype for sure. A group of 4 of us ordered 2 medium pies (one veggie for myself and a friend and a meat-lovers for our carnivore friends) and we both had more than half of our pies to take home and indulge in later. The deep-dish pizzas do take about 45 minutes to make so keep this in mind and there are several Giordano’s locations throughout the city.

Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles Delicious southern-style food with a friendly wait-staff and great prices. I ordered the “Aunt Joyce” and it came with a choice of dark or white meat chicken, 1 waffle, 2 eggs, and a choice between rice or grits, all for less than $20 bucks. This restaurant is located in Oak Park.

Batter and Berries– This seemed to be the number one recommended brunch spot when I asked friends who’ve been to Chicago before, and I understand why. “Home of the world-famous French toast flight”, B&B serves your traditional brunch menu plus more, adding their own spin on breakfast. Being so popular, the wait was long and they do not accept reservations. Instead, you can add yourself to their waitlist on Yelp.

Garret’s Popcorn-If you haven’t heard of this place you need to be sure to add it to your list anyway. Growing up I always had older cousins who ate Chicago mix style popcorn so I was a little too hype to get to Garret’s and order a “Chicago Style” small bag! Probably the best $5 spent on the entire trip! Chicago style is an equal mix of cheddar and caramel popcorn and Garret’s flavors were pungent and full!

Uncle Joe’s Jamaican Spot in Hyde Park– We randomly stumbled upon this gem and I’m so glad we did. Serving your traditional Jamaican cuisine, there were various platter options to choose from. I ordered the Jerk chicken dinner and water and paid less than $15! I have a knack for authentic tasting food and Uncle Joe’s hit the nail on the head.

Chicago is apparently known for its hot dogs. I don’t eat beef or pork and could not find a place that served turkey or even vegan hot dogs. Just to see what all of the hype was about I did get a beef hot dog from a local cart, outside of a nightclub, and it was good! They added grilled onions and a hot mustard with a traditional hot dog bun all for $5 bucks.

Night Life

Apogee Lounge– Cute rooftop lounge in downtown Chicago, serving specially curated drinks and a view. My girlfriends and I each ordered one of their signature cocktails and they did not disappoint. I had the Nymph and it was super refreshing without being overly sweet!

Here is an additional list of fun/hype nightclubs, bars, and lounges that we visited while in town: Prysm, Y Bar, Persona, Underground, Reverie, Promontory

My girlfriend over at Brooklyn Mavens (IG @bkmavens)  and I had an entire itinerary planned out, making notes of the key spots we wanted to see while visiting.


Complexcon-  Clearly, I’m not in touch with the culture because I had no idea what to expect, but that’s exactly what I got, culture! A not-so-secret sneakerhead meet up with guest appearances, musical performances, and a chance to check out throwback sneaks and what’s up and coming. We purchased our Complexcon tickets a few months before our trip and paid $100 for a 1-day pass for Saturday. I enjoyed myself so much, getting to see Spice Adams, Allen Iverson, Ella Mai and more! I also tried to purchase a new pair of sneaks but clearly, I’m still a rookie here and need to do a bit more research.

Shoreline Sightseeing Boat Tour– We went to the Navy Pier (where we also got our Garret’s Popcorn) and purchased tickets for the classic lake tour. Shoreline offers many options from water taxis, the classic lake tour we opted for our other extended tours including longer rides and more intensive history lessons. We paid $23 dollars and rode along Lake Michigan for 40 minutes learning more about the lake, the city of Chicago and a bit of US history. There is also a bar onboard or you can purchase beverages at one of the local stands before boarding. If you’ve tuned in before, you’ll know that I love the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours when visiting a new city, and though Chicago does have that option, seeing the city from a boat with a drink in my hand seemed like the obvious choice. If you have time for both, definitely do so!


Cloud Gate (The Bean)– Public sculpture in the center of the Millennium Park Plaza and one of the top tourist attractions in Chicago. This iconic Chi-Town symbol is going to be completely packed with visitors unless you can get yourself up super early in the morning to beat the crowds, regardless, it’s worth the visit to the most photographed Chicago location. Definitely, use public transportation to get here as parking might prove to be difficult.


Willis Tower Skydeck (Sears Tower)- Want to get a nice view of the entire city? Visit the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower! We actually did not end up making it here because of the weather. It rained on our last day in town and I was told that the views were not worth it if the weather was not cooperating. Though I was disappointed to miss it on this visit, I got amazing views of Chicago on the boat sightseeing tour as well as on the many rooftops we visited.

The 16th Annual Sound System Block Party–  On our second to last day we heard that the city would be having their largest block party in the Hyde Park area and decided to go. By the time we got there, after Complexcon, it was completely packed. Assuming folks wanted to wait out the hot weather and come outside after the sun went down, it was impossible finding parking, it was uncomfortable walking the streets and overwhelming with everything going on. Still, it was cool to see something as large as this as I don’t believe I have before. The event is organized by The Silver Room, a store mixed with mainly locally sourced jewelry, accessories, clothing and more. If you’re ever in town during the block party definitely check it out, grab a drink and shop with local vendors! Get there early and don’t drive!

An extended weekend is definitely enough time to get a “taste of Chicago” and explore a good chunk of all the city has to offer. Unlike prices in other big cities like Boston, NYC or LA, I feel I came in way under my budget for Chicago. Figuring out the best time to visit will be the biggest deciding factor as the city sees below freezing temperatures in the winters and experiences smoldering heat in the summers. The temperature averaged around 95 degrees (feeling like 103 most days) during our visit, I literally sweat out my edges and through my white tee-shirt, but enjoyed myself none the less.

Cream Beach Photo Pinterest Graphic (7)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. And again. And again. An easy way to get cheap flights is to allow yourself to take a longer flight and get a “bonus” city from an extended layover. I actually find myself searching for long haul flights that have a layover of 7 hours or more to get an extra stop on my vacation unless it’s a short trip. When searching for flights to Peru, this was no different. I wanted to see what destination I could “pop” into before arriving at my final destination in Lima and the airline, Copa, offered a stopover in Panama City, Panama.

Not to be confused with the city in Florida, Panama City is the capital of Panama, located in Central America and often called the landbridge of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean connecting North and South America. Probably most known for the infamous, man-made Panama Canal, it is the most populous city of Panama. As a United States citizen, a visa is not needed to enter Panama, but you will need a valid passport and proof of either your journey on or hotel/lodging information.

As a bit of “pre-research”, I wanted to figure out all the logistics to visiting the canal before departing so that I could maximize on my 6hr 50min layover and hit the ground running as soon as deplaning. During this research, I realized that the canal was the most popular destination in Panama and was the main place I wanted to visit.

Many blogs noted that it was best to allow at least 1 hour to both enter and exit customs for Panama. My flight arrived Friday Morning and departed again Friday night and both times I made it through customs in under 30 minutes. Still, set aside at least 1 hour to exit customs and estimate 2 hours when returning. Better safe than sorry.

Getting to the Panama Canal
The Miraflores Locks (Canal), locks closest to the airport, are about 35km from the Tocumen airport and can be anywhere from a 35 to 75-minute drive, dependent on traffic. It is not necessary to book a tour to visit the canal, honestly, most are overpriced and unnecessary. When exiting the airport there are various taxis and taxi companies available to escort you to the entrance of the Miraflores Locks or alternatively, you can use Uber. For the taxis and taxi companies, you can easily arrange for them to escort you to the locks, wait at the canal for you or pick you back up 2-3 hours later, and drive you back to the airport.

To get to the Canal, I used one of the many taxi companies available, comparing pricing with that of Uber and taking pictures of the license plate and vehicle for safety. The ride was 35 minutes long. To return back to the airport I took one of the random taxis that are located outside of the visitor’s center entrance. I would not recommend using any of the unmarked taxis located outside of the canal. I had a terrible experience and the drive went from 45 minutes to over 2 hours. Luckily, I allotted plenty of time to get to the airport and clear customs/security and so I made my flight.

I paid $35USD to get to the canal. I paid $35 USD to return to the airport. $80 total as I tipped the driver. Definitely negotiate your price. You can even get an RT ride to and from the airport for $60 USD if you negotiate.

At the Panama Canal


Once you arrive at the Miraflores locks, you will go up an escalator and be at the entrance of the visitor center. You can purchase your tickets to enter the visitor center at the front entrance. Tickets for visitors are about $20 USD, card or cash is accepted, and it gains you entrance to see the ships crossing, short films giving the history of the canal, and a museum.

I went straight to the watchtower to catch all of the action. The platform was packed with tour groups, visitors, and locals alike, marveling as the ships slowly passed by. A moderator is explaining the history, what is currently happening, and giving various commentary on the platform, in both Spanish and English.


Additionally, there is a buffet-style restaurant in the visitor center, the only food around. The buffet was $35 USD and the food was quite good, giving a taste of Panamian culture through their cuisine.

What is the Canal And Why Is It Important?
Not a bad question because I didn’t know much of the history prior to visiting, but this is what makes traveling so great. The Panama Canal was built between the years 1903-1914 by architects from Pittsburgh, PA (my hometown) to essentially, provide a shortcut for ships to pass between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. Prior to the canal, explorers had to journey around South America, adding months to their journey, significantly decreasing the amount of cargo that was shipped between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Canal saved shippers money, by saving on fuel, and improved trade by cutting down on travel time. It was paid for and acquired by the United States, but in 1977 it was handed over for Panama to control in the Torrijos-Carter Treaty. It is amazing to see how well the entire canal was built and how smoothly it runs, especially considering the time in history that it was built and the technology they had available to them during that period.

It is one of the most important trading routes and is still active today.


The currency of Panama is the US dollar. If you are coming from the United States this is a benefit as you will not have to worry about converting money. Most places also take credit cards.

In Panama, Spanish is the official language and the most widely spoken, however, there are several signs in English and other languages.

Panama overall is a safe country to visit, with minimal criminal activity affecting tourists, outside of potential pickpocketing, which can happen anywhere to anyone. Stay alert. If you ever have a chance to visit Panama, even if just for a layover (at least 5-6 hours long at a minimum) definitely make your way over to the canal.

Airlines like Copa will often allow you to extend your layover with no additional fee. Originally, my flight landed around 12pm and had a departing flight 45 minutes later, Copa honored this price and allowed me to leave on the flight leaving almost 7 hours later.

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“A Day in Series” Boston, MA

Wanting a mix of rich history, scrumptious seafood, and an intense fan base for the local sports teams?  Boston, MA certainly has its charm and wit, and it is a great start to get a taste of American culture

The largest city in Massachusetts and 21st largest city in the US, you’ll have no shortage of activities to fill a weekend or even day trip, while gathering the overall essence of what is to be seen and tasted! Like most major US cities, Boston is divided into sub-communities and each has its own personality. Some are more worth visiting than others. Check below for a breakdown of my Boston must-do’s and download a printable bucket-list, to guide you through the city as you check off each activity- A Day in Series-Boston.

Boston is a very walkable city. You could easily get around by renting a bike at Blue Bikes! Or you could use a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft.  Boston also has a train system, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation, also known as  The T. The T navigates throughout the city, color-coded byline for each neighborhood it serves, with the Red Line, Orange Line, Blue Line & Green Line. There’s also the Mattapan Trolley. Its various lines will either take you underground or sometimes right alongside the street traffic. See below for fare information or click the link above to find out more information such as stops, how to get a pass (can be purchased at any train station) or other FAQs.


1 & 7 day (& Monthly) Passes are also available. 


Like most major cities, parking can prove to be difficult, and oftentimes expensive, and driving is not for the faint of heart- so though not impossible, not really recommended! If you decide to drive, check to see if your hotel or Airbnb offers parking,  if not, beware that all street parking is not created equally as most neighborhoods require resident stickers for overnight parking ( a quick google search will point you in the right direction). Boston is a pretty “small” city but despite this navigating may be a bit confusing- definitely leverage services like Google Maps!
Also- download app Park Whiz. Park Whiz helps you to find discounted rates for popular parking lots across the city (available in multiple cities) I’ve scored spots for $17 that were originally $40-$54!

Getting to that rich history, delicious food, and sports culture I mentioned above, Boston does have a lot to offer to create a jam-packed weekend itinerary.

If Boston does anything, they’re going to have rowdy fans and an intense sports culture. From the New England Patriots (football) , The Bruins (hockey), Celtics (Basketball), and The Red Sox (baseball)-this city is pretty much in a frenzy, year round! Whether you are a sports fanatic or not (or like me, have a strong disdain for the Patriots)- it is still fun to partake in a game or the overall experience! You may not run into a player, but it wouldn’t hurt to head to Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood! The stadium and area surrounding is overpriced just like any stadium you’ll go to, but it’s a really cool field, especially for those with an affinity for stadiums. Gillette Stadium, home to the NE Patriots, is in Foxborough, MA, which is a ways outside of the city, and not worth the drive unless attending a game, concert, or other vent! TD Garden, where the Bruins & Celtics play, is a really cool arena if checking out a game or any of the other concerts, events, ice shows, family shows or even wrestling events that are hosted there! 

Boston, being so filled with history, has both walking and boat tours that are definitely worth checking out! To check out more information such as scheduling and pricing of the boat tours or the walking tours, check here. If time permits, definitely add one of these to your agenda, whether to learn more about the city’s history, where it got it’s clever nickname, Beantown, or just to tour the neighborhoods! I also encourage all visitors to check out the Black Heritage Trail and learn a different type of history.

Shopping is probably one of my top 5 favorite activities to do and Boston happens to be one of my favorite places to do it. Head down to Newbury Street where there’s something for everyone, from high end stores like Burberry or Chanel, a Sephora and Zara and even more affordable retail locations like Forever 21 and TjMaxx. There are also a ton of local shops and boutiques as well as varying restaurants and cafes.

A visit to Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Quincy Market will produce more shops and boutiques as well as cool bars and eateries.

Back Bay (Newbury), Fenway, and Faneuil Hall aside, Boston has a lot more to offer. From the New England aquarium, Paul Revere House, Boston Commons, Boston Public Gardens, museum of science, and MFA, amongst a million other things, there is so much to do. All of the things above are some of my most recommended activities, but . And if you are a beer lover there are endless opportunities to do beer tastings, I’d suggest a tour at the Samuel Adams Brewery!

Being situated on the east coast, Boston and most of New England has a ton of easily accessible beaches! You can stay local at Carson Beach & Castle Island, head to Gloucester (Wingaersheek or Stage Fort Park) Beach, M Street Beach, Orient Heights Beach, Crane Beach, or check out Revere Beach-there are plenty of options as long as the weather cooperates. You can also head down to Rhode Island (check out my Newport blog here), catch a boat to visit charming Martha’s Vineyard, or drive up north to Maine! (Head to my IG for highlights on New England adventures- including Boston, Newport, Maine & Martha’s Vineyard)

Looking for something fun & unusual? Check out Trillfit, Boston’s original hip hop workout party!!

If time permits, I’d suggest adding a few day trips a bit outside of Boston, from the Parlee flower farms in Tyngsborough, MA, a trip down to Cape Cod for beaches & seafood, or even visiting the vineyards in Newport, RI- there’s not shortages of New England adventures!

Now for the good stuff, clam chowder, lobster rolls, and some of the other best seafood you can ask for, Boston is your place.

Legal Seafoods, a local chain and hometown favorite is really good and very pricey, but I would suggest going to a local joint if you had to choose one over the other. Visiting Boston’s Seaport district, along a stretch of water in South Boston, you’ll be matched with a string of sleek restaurants, hotels, and bars, with a waterfront view. One of my favorite places to go, I bring all of my guests to the Seaport. Fit with its own Legal Seafood, it also has delicious Mexican food options with either Temazcal Cantina or Rosa Mexicano, both great options. The local joint I mentioned above for one of the best lobster rolls? It’s in the seaport, Yankee lobster. Rated 4.4 stars, there’s no-frill or glam, with all of the focus being put into the taste of the food.

Famous for its Italian background and tight streets, you MUST visit the North End, a neighborhood in Boston, home to Mike’s Pastries where it’s imperative you get one of the infamous cannolis. Don’t let the long line fool you, it moves quickly and it’s worth the wait. As with most cities and popular restaurants, someone will always claim there’s a better, less popular option to go to, but don’t listen-or go to both, Mike’s is a must-visit. Aside from Mike’s, the North End has a ton of authentic Italian restaurants to choose from. Pricey, yet worth it.

A list of more of my fav places to eat in Boston: The Barking Crab, 753 South, Slades (Black-Owned), Warden Hall, Angela’s Cafe (East Boston), Darry’s Corner Bar & Kitchen (Black-Owned), Suya Joint (Black-Owned), M&M BBQ (Black-Owned), Red Lantern, Shojo Yvonne’s, Lolitas (Ultimate Fav), James Hook & Co, Boston Burger Co., Flames, Lucy Ethiopian Cafe, Down Home Delivery (Black-Owned), Tiki Rock, Bootleg Special, Urban Grape (Black-Owned/Wine), Citrus & Salt, The Broadway, Yellow Door Taqueria, Osteria Nino, Blossom Bar (Great Cocktails), and The Coast Cafe.

Not really comparable to a LA or NYC, Boston does still offer a robust nightlife and has different options dependent on the vibe you’re looking for. Some of my favs are Good Life, Kingston, Cure, and Alibi, located inside the Liberty Hotel, an old jail repurposed, but maintaining its jail cell doors adorned with mug shots of celebrities who’ve spent time behind bars.

For a more ‘chill’ vibe, there are spots like Darryl’s, the W, or Hojoko that I love to go to for a simple night out.

There is so much to do and see in Boston, but fitting it all in during a short or extended weekend is doable. Staying in a hotel or Airbnb in the South Boston or downtown area puts you right near the action and catching the train leaves you flexible and avoids Boston traffic and parking. When you plan to visit, avoid the winter months, December-March, to truly enjoy your trip. Hit with tons of snow and below freezing temps, you don’t want to risk being stuck in Boston due to canceled flights. Fall is my favorite season in New England, though the city truly comes alive in the summer.

**A hotel that I stayed in and loved is the Courtyard Marriott South Boston and an Airbnb I absolutely recommend can be found HERE.

Download my “A Day in Series” Bucket-List: Boston edition HERE <<A Day in Series-Boston>>

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“A Day in Series” NYC



As a “transplant,” someone not from NYC, I have enjoyed being both a tourist and a “resident.” NYC is magic, which is why it’s one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world, and I’ve been asked, “what do you suggest I do in NY?” so many times that it made sense for this to be the first “stop” in my new series, “A Weekend in.”

First things first, you have to understand the dynamics of this incredible city, starting with the different boroughs. Each borough has its own style, personality and, culture. You have Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and my personal fav, Brooklynnnnnn. *For the purposes of this post, we will be focusing on Brooklyn & Manhattan! 

Brooklyn is a vibe, you must visit Brooklyn.


Photo Credit Goes to the Amazingly Talented @tote.ny on IG. Check out his website to get yourself some dope flics!

Brooklyn has EVERYTHING. There’s the Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park, Coney Island, Brighton beach, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and the NY Aquarium to name a few key monuments. Then the neighborhoods, you have Bedstuy, Crown Heights, Park Slope, Green Point, Bushwick, Williamsburg, Bayridge…I mean I can keep going here, Brooklyn is big af. Within Brooklyn, you have several different communities and different styles of food, but I would say there’s nothing like the pizza/bagels in Brooklyn, it’s in the water (LITERALLY, the water is amazing lol).

FOOD: Grimaldi’s (The BEST Pizza), The Regal (Amazing Brunch Menu), Sage (My FAV Thai Spot),  Bagelsmith (For a Classic Bacon Egg & Cheese), the Pink Tea Cup (Southern comfort), Brooklyn Bell Ice Cream (it’s in the name), Café de la Esquina (Williamsburg), SugarCane (Raw Bar Grill), Amarachi (Caribbean, African)

DRINKS/NIGHTLIFE: Williamsburg, Bayridge, Kinfolk, Kimoto Roof Top (Open Year Round), Sweet Brooklyn, Eve’s Lounge (Hookah Bar + Food…mango jerk wings yum)

ACTIVITIES: Barclays Center, Brooklyn Museum (Especially First Saturdays), Coney Island, Prospect Park (Look up festivals), Williamsburg (nightlife), Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Promenade, Smorgasburg (summer only)

Click Here to Download my “A Day in Series” Brooklyn Checklist<< A Day In Series-Brooklyn>>


Backstage access tour of the Barclay’s Center

As a tourist, I’d say spend most of your time in Manhattan.

I have a love/hate relationship with Manhattan. You have SoHo (My fav), Lower Eastside (LES for short), Alphabet City, Time Square, Financial District, Chelsea, Midtown, Herald Square (with that amazing Macy’s), Broadway, and Harlem, which comes with its own nuances.

FOOD: Juniors (Cheesecake), Veniero’s (Cheesecake, better than Juniors, in my opinion), Katz Deli, ( It’s a staple, get the pastrami), Fumo Pizza Bar (Harlem) ; Pio Pio 8 (Peruvian Food) ,Lombardi’s (Pizza, c’mon it’s NY, you have to eat all of the pizza),Lucy’s Cantina Royale (Mexican), Nikko (hibachi restaurant), Sugar Hill Creamery (kid friendly ice cream spot), Seasoned Vegan (the BEST vegan food with a southern flair), PS450 (cute brunch spot), BVLD Bistro (Harlem-brunch spot served in none other than a brownstone), Melba’s (long waits because it’s that good), Harlem Shake (Ethnic version of “Shake Shack” with a unique twist), Amy Ruth’s (Traditional Soul Food i.e. Chicken& Waffles),  Negril (Delicious Jamaican food),


Fumo Pizza Bar for my girlfriends birthday, one half of the @bkfashionmavens duo. Follow them on IG for all things Brooklyn.

DRINKS/NIGHTLIFE: PhD’s Rooftop, the DL, The Delancey, Slate, Stage 48, Anything in LES (Fishbowl), La Marina, Harlem Tavern, La Linea, One on One, Aziza Club and Lounge, 13th Step, Harlem Food Bar, Troy’s Liquor Bar, Mr. Purple, Essex, Dos Caminos & Pianos

ACTIVITIES: The MET, Timesquare, Central Park, Show on Broadway, 9/11 Memorial, Boat Tour to Statue of Liberty, Shopping in SOHO, MOMA, Museum of Sex, Museum of Natural History


Annual SGK Race for the Cure in Manhattan’s Central Park!

I rarely go to Queens lol. Queens has some fun nightlife in Astoria.


@ Norwinds!! Awesome spot in Queens for drinks & apps!

Drinks Nightlife: Norwinds (My Absolute Fav Spot w/ Delicious Drinks/Wings), Blend on the Water (super cute spot in Long Island City, Queens), MamaJuana Café (Drinks & Dinner)

 I also barely go to the Bronx, Yankee Stadium is there though, and that’s pretty cool.

Staten Island is fun, I wouldn’t go there though lol.

TRANSPORTATION: You HAVE to take the subway at least once. Walking is also an option; most people walk for miles a day in NYC. Uber is also an option, though that adds up. I do not recommend renting a car or driving in NY!


The Train Station in Brooklyn!

FUNDS: NY is expensive, you can make it less costly for sure, but I would budget $100 a day at least!

Summer in NYC is magical. If you choose a season to visit, definitely aim for Summer/Fall. Yes, it’s hot, the streets are packed and the smell of garbage reeks in the air, BUT the weather is great, the streets are bustling and there are endless things to do.

What are some of your favorite spots in NYC?

Love the scenic pictures of Brooklyn? Check out to see his services and get dope pics of your own!

*All views are my own and are from my choice of restaurants/activities, there are endless options outside of these, this is just a start.
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Download my Brooklyn Checklist HERE <<A Day In Series-Brooklyn>>

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