A Day/Weekend in Pittsburgh, PA (Bucketlist)

If you ever find yourselves in western Pennslyvania, which you certainly should, the great city of Pixburg' is not to be missed. My hometown. Full of the most "southern" people you'll meet, north of the Mason Dixon line. With our pleasant "Pittsburghese", with words like "yinz" replacing "y'all" or "you guys", this historical city and … Continue reading A Day/Weekend in Pittsburgh, PA (Bucketlist)

“A Day in Series” San Francisco, CA

Being the self-proclaimed free spirit that I am, I was in the mood for sunny skies, fruity drinks and a quick weekend escape. I messaged my girlfriend to see if she was down and our search started there, Turks and Caicos? Guadalupe? Mexico City? We started rattling off destinations when I got a flight alert, … Continue reading “A Day in Series” San Francisco, CA

“A Day in Series” Boston, MA

Wanting a mix of rich history, scrumptious seafood, and an intense passion for hometown sports team? Though it’s not necessarily one of my favorite cities, Boston, MA has its charm and wit, and it is a great start to get a taste of true American culture. I mean, it’s where the US history books say … Continue reading “A Day in Series” Boston, MA

“A Day in Series” NYC

  As a "transplant," someone not from NYC, I have enjoyed being both a tourist and a “resident.” NYC is magic, which is why it’s one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world, and I’ve been asked, “what do you suggest I do in NY?” so many times that it made sense for this … Continue reading “A Day in Series” NYC