How To: Traveling SAFELY During Covid

Tourism provides approximately 10.4% of the world's jobs, so if we can safely do our part to help the many people impacted by the Covid driven decline in travel, I see that as a win,win. Read my post on Traveling Safely During Covid to see my top 7 tips to see the world while limiting your exposure/spread of covid-19.

In the midst of COVID-19, when can I start traveling again?

Catch flights not feelings crew, y'all alright? After canceling my 4th trip and counting, I am growing restlessly tired, anxious to finally use my passport again, and touch down to somewhere new.  As an avid wanderer, travel is my form of self-care. I want to preface this article with the idea that it is okay … Continue reading In the midst of COVID-19, when can I start traveling again?

My Worst AirBNB Experience

Now, I've written before how Airbnb is typically my choice for travel accommodations for its ability to connect you with the host, culture and it's [usually] cheaper price, but two sort-of-recent experiences have made me more conscious when making lodging decisions. I will start by stating that I have had wonderful Airbnb experiences across the … Continue reading My Worst AirBNB Experience