How To: Making The Most of Budget Airlines

Though I've never taken a flight with Spirit or Frontier airlines, budget airlines based in the United States, I've taken a few trips with European budget airlines, EasyJet and Norwegian, and Asia's AirAsia, and their policies are pretty identical.  When perusing various travel groups and blogs, it seems that people either love or hate budget … Continue reading How To: Making The Most of Budget Airlines

Travel Tips: Dealing with Flight Anxiety

A few weeks back, I did a poll on my IG story to see just how many people out there, like me, suffered from flight anxiety. I was surprised to see that 57% of people said it didn't affect them, but despite being the minority, knew I still had to write this blog post for … Continue reading Travel Tips: Dealing with Flight Anxiety

Travel Tips: Newbie Traveler

"Dear Kalyn, I want to travel, but I don't know where to start!  Please help." I've had more and more people coming to me, asking for advice as they try to step into their own wanderlust, and I couldn't be more elated. I highly encourage the desire to travel of everyone I know, no matter … Continue reading Travel Tips: Newbie Traveler

Travel Tips: Favorite (HOTEL) Websites

I get asked quite often, "What are your favorite sites to use to book hotels?" Though this answer is riddled through just about every travel post I've done, I felt it would be nice to have a quick reference available to you all! I LOVE Airbnb. If I have a choice between staying at … Continue reading Travel Tips: Favorite (HOTEL) Websites

Travel Tips: #teamcarryon

My real blogging theme should be living your best life on a budget because I legit amaze everyone in my life with the deals I get and the way I am able to save money. Frugal, not cheap....if there's even really any difference. I enjoy having a good time and treating myself, but I more-so … Continue reading Travel Tips: #teamcarryon