Dairy-Free​ Alternatives

Whether you're lactose intolerant, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or simply want to cut back on your animal by-product intake, you may be looking for viable alternatives for the dairy products many of us grew up on. I've had an intolerance to lactose my entire life but as I've been getting older I've been able … Continue reading Dairy-Free​ Alternatives

What’s My Body Type and Why’s It Important?

No, I'm not talking "thick" versus "slim thick",  I'm also not referring to apple shaped versus pear shared, instead,  I want to discuss how your body responds to diet and training. There are three main body types: Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph, understanding your body type enables you to plan a successful diet and exercise program. … Continue reading What’s My Body Type and Why’s It Important?

HIIT Training: What Is It and Should I Be Doing It?

As I've been trying to switch up my workout routines as to not get too complacent and keep it fresh, I've stumbled across the wonderful world of HIIT Training. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training which is quick intervals or bursts of intense exercise followed by short periods of recovery. Why Do HIIT? Efficiency, you … Continue reading HIIT Training: What Is It and Should I Be Doing It?

The Journey or the Destination?

In an effort to be completely transparent, I need to be honest with both you all and with myself. This weight loss journey is both easy and hard at the same d*mn time, and I know that may not make sense to many. Losing weight is so mental and people don’t realize the commitment they … Continue reading The Journey or the Destination?

The Battle of the Sports Bras

Finding a great looking sports bra that is also super supportive yet inexpensive may seem impossible. But don't fret, I've decided to take one for the team and give a few different sports bras a spin to see which one works best. I do want to preface this with, after 80 lbs down, my breast … Continue reading The Battle of the Sports Bras


September 16, 2014 I took a peek into the forbidden vault...yes, you're thinking right, the weight loss documentation vault locked away on my iPhone. I knew either joy and inspiration would come or a feeling of defeat and angst. Which one did I experience? Yes you're right again...DEVASTATION. Did I not make any progress? Had … Continue reading #ProgressCheck