The Journey or the Destination?

In an effort to be completely transparent, I need to be honest with both you all and with myself. This weight loss journey is both easy and hard at the same d*mn time, and I know that may not make sense to many. Losing weight is so mental and people don’t realize the commitment they … Continue reading The Journey or the Destination?

Workout Playlist

Okay, so does anyone else get hype when their jam comes on mid run, like does that not give you a boost of energy out of nowhere!? For me, when I hear Lose Control by Missy Elliot ft. Ciara my work out turns up a notch or two. A workout playlist is so important to … Continue reading Workout Playlist

The Battle of the Sports Bras

Finding a great looking sports bra that is also super supportive yet inexpensive may seem impossible. But don't fret, I've decided to take one for the team and give a few different sports bras a spin to see which one works best. I do want to preface this with, after 80 lbs down, my breast … Continue reading The Battle of the Sports Bras


September 16, 2014 I took a peek into the forbidden vault...yes, you're thinking right, the weight loss documentation vault locked away on my iPhone. I knew either joy and inspiration would come or a feeling of defeat and angst. Which one did I experience? Yes you're right again...DEVASTATION. Did I not make any progress? Had … Continue reading #ProgressCheck

Black Women, Their Hair and, The Gym

  You might think that I am joking or even exaggerating but…..there are hundreds, probably even thousands, of black women who refuse to work out because of the negative impact it will have on their hair. Now, before you call these women crazy you have to understand the complex relationship women have with their hair, … Continue reading Black Women, Their Hair and, The Gym

Set Your Goals and CRUSH Them and then Set Goals Again

So often people say they want to lose weight, give a halfhearted effort to do so and give up after not achieving immediate results. I’m here to tell you two things, two things I’ve been saying since the beginning of this blog and that I will continue to say until the end of time:   … Continue reading Set Your Goals and CRUSH Them and then Set Goals Again

Stuffed Chicken and Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Eating the same thing over and over again can get increasingly tiring, boring and can make cheating more likely with unhealthy more desirable foods.  This is why I always look for creative recipes for fun meals and fun snacks. It is true that we eat to nourish the body, not for pleasure, but why not … Continue reading Stuffed Chicken and Roasted Brussel Sprouts