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Welcome to my new series, exploring all that the USA has to offer from it’s vast landscape, rich culture, foodie scene and so much more!

I’ll be highlighting my top must-do’s, must-see’s and most-eats’ to encourage more exploration around America via pictures, stories and videos!

Annually, there are 79.6 million International visitors to the U.S. and U.S. citizens take 2.29 billion domestic trips. With our 50 states, 423 national park sites, 100’s of amusement parks, 35,000 museums, over 400 languages spoken and 600,000+ restaurants, there’s a new adventure awaiting at every turn! Start here when planning your next US adventure.

So you want to explore (more of) the USA?

It make sense. There’s so much to see, so much to do, so much to eat! But where do you start? Well start here! My USA series will be your go to place when looking to start your planning , from giving my first hand experiences and tips, to pointing you to resources, to sharing other travel influencers who are experts in their respective cities! Buckle up, and prepare for a fun ride! Already know what State you want to explore? Search it below for tips, tools & resources:

Where I’ve Been:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts*, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York*, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania*, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia

The United States of America & Territories

Other tools & tips to help make your travel journey easier:

#whiletravelingUSA IG Live Series

If you’re not familiar, I have an IG live series, #whiletraveling, where I connect with traveler’s and travel lovers from around the world sharing our unique experiences, tips, resources, stories and so much more during an 45 minute IG live session. I’ve decided to expand this series, but with a twist, to connect with travel bloggers from specific areas in the US to highlight their cities, recommended activities, where to stay, where to go and where to eat! Just like my regular series, episodes will take place on IG live, follow me HERE, to stay up to date on future episodes and to tune in on Wednesdays usually at 7pm EST.

#whiletraveling w/ @BklynMavens on all things Brooklyn & Local Travel

Upcoming Episodes:
#whiletraveling w/ @dees_curve on all things Texas Travel 4/21/21 @7PM EST
#whiletraveling w/ @denise.osei on all things DMV Travel 5/12/21 @ 7PM EST

Interested in joining me for an episode of #whiletraveling to represent your city or state? Just shoot me an email @ and let’s get something scheduled!

Blog Posts

Spending A Long Weekend in Cape Cod, MA

This post on my “A Day in Series” shares on all things Cape Cod, Ma. Also affectionately known as “The Cape” this is the perfect beach destination, for the foodies, the art lovers, beach bums and everything in between. Check here to start planning your own getaway.

Guide to Hiking Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, Arizona

When visiting Sedona, Arizona, there are a few things that should absolutely be on your list, hiking the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead is one of them! The Devil’s Bridge Trail is a breathtaking view and amazing experience, with it’s 54ft high/45ft long natural bridge, surrounded by red rock. It is Sedona’s largest sandstone arch, located in the Coconino National Forest, off of Highway 89a. Check below for tips on planning your own visit to the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead.


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