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I know travel planning can be time consuming, confusing and straight up annoying, but what are the alternatives? Not traveling, booking with a travel agent OR now, using one of my itineraries! As a travel blogger & lover, I take pride and joy in researching all that there is to know about a new destination and I typically plan out every detail of my own trips. If you’ve ever checked my site, I leave detailed reviews of my travels, from what I did, where I ate and where I stayed. But now, I want to take it a step further, essentially helping you to plan your vacations, building out your itineraries through my tips and recommendations.

You don’t need to be an expert or need to hire a travel agent in order to have a seamless and successful vacation, all you need is someone or something to point you in the right direction, and here it is!

Grab your itinerary today.


Ditch the travel agent and the worries, travel planning is now made easy with my detailed trip itineraries. In each itinerary, I aggregate all of my research, sharing my personal trip details and outlining the best places to stay, eat, see and what to do. I also include any must-know facts, links, phone numbers and other information that will make your trip easier.

St. Thomas U.S.V.I.

Grab a copy of my detailed, 8 page St. Thomas Itinerary (+ blank page to write out your own itinerary), recapping my personal trip and including tons of information from the best times to visit, where to eat, what to do and where to stay. I’ve included links and phone numbers to excursions as well as contact information for various taxi services to help navigate the island! Whether you’re going for a long weekend or staying for 2+ weeks, my itinerary will absolutely help you make the most of your vacation. I’ve also included Covid-19 specific information with updates through April 2021 and links to find the most-up-to date info! Grab a copy today!


Please note: Itinerary will be delivered electronically to the email address given when you submit payment via PayPalPlease use an active email address and double-check for accuracy to ensure delivery. The itinerary will be delivered within 24 hrs. of receipt of payment, but if you do not receive your copy, please send an email to 

If you have any questions or do not receive your e-guide within 24 hours after purchase, please send an email to

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