Peru Series: Lit in Lima

You read that title right, Lit in Lima! I drank so much pisco, the national beverage of Peru and Chile with an average 48% alcohol content, so I may or may not have been tipsy the entire trip. In May of 2019, my two travel companions and I decided we wanted to visit Machu Picchu … Continue reading Peru Series: Lit in Lima

Peru Series: Cusco

I think I might have said, "wow," about 100 times while in Cusco. A beautiful city with an even more vibrant culture, rich history, and unique people, readily embraced. I speak so highly of Cusco and Peru as a whole as this place quickly stole a place in my Top 5 favorite destinations. Dedicating 4 … Continue reading Peru Series: Cusco

Peru Series: Secret Forest Cafe

Am I a foodie yet? Well, if not, I still like to throw my opinion in the ring when I find a new dish or restaurant that I think everyone should try. I had an entire itinerary planned for Peru, restaurant recommendations included but decided to go with the flow and find a spot for … Continue reading Peru Series: Secret Forest Cafe