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A Day in Series Martha’s Vineyard

The latest installment of my A Day in Series takes you to Martha’s Vineyard! Small but lively island off the coast of Cape Cod, Ma. Read for all things MV- how to get there, where to stay, must-do’s and best places to eat! Also learn a bit of Martha’s Vineyard history.

How To: Traveling SAFELY During Covid

Tourism provides approximately 10.4% of the world’s jobs, so if we can safely do our part to help the many people impacted by the Covid driven decline in travel, I see that as a win,win. Read my post on Traveling Safely During Covid to see my top 7 tips to see the world while limiting your exposure/spread of covid-19.

Travel Tips: Newbie Traveler

“Dear Kalyn, I want to travel, but I don’t know where to start!  Please help.” I’ve had more and more people coming to me, asking for advice as they try to step into their own wanderlust, and I… Read More

Travel Tips: Favorite (HOTEL) Websites

Need helping picking a hotel? Take the stress out of travel planning with my post, listing out my favorite sites to find lodging while on holiday!

Travel Tips: Luggage Scale

Less than $20 USD on Amazon or in your local Target, a luggage scale can prevent headaches and heartaches, allowing you to weigh your luggage from the comfort of your home.