Napa Valley: Brown Estate

*Cues Solange's Almeda*  "Pour my drank, drank. Sip, sip, sip, sip. Brown liquor, brown skin, brown face, brown leather, brown sugar, brown leaves, brown keys, black skin, black braids. These are black-owned things." In the heat of this magnificent movement to unapologetically support black owned tings, I knew making a stop to the first and only … Continue reading Napa Valley: Brown Estate

Do I need to know the language?

'¿tu hablas español? si o no?  What did I say above? Well, I asked, in Spanish, if you speak Spanish and if you didn't know that, it's probably because you don't *inserts shrug emoji*. If you're one of the 40% of the world's population who only speak 1 language, fret not, though speaking another language … Continue reading Do I need to know the language?

Travel Tips: Where Do I exchange my money?

One of the tasks that tend to be on the bottom of people's to-do list when planning for their vacations is checking into the appropriate currency of whatever destination they're going to. And speaking to my fellow Americans, not every country takes or accepts USD, though it is the most widely used currency in the … Continue reading Travel Tips: Where Do I exchange my money?

Extended Layovers

  Part of budget travel planning sometimes comes with extended layovers to get the best flight deals. And some of the best adventures happen on extended layovers. But, not all layovers are created equally. Several factors go into deciding whether it makes the most sense to wait out your delay in the airport or explore … Continue reading Extended Layovers

Travel Essentials

  As someone who now considers themselves pretty seasoned in the travel community, I feel that I finally have this whole “packing thing” down packed. It definitely took some time, some experience and plenty of forgotten items before I was able to get this thing under my control. First thing I realized was that I … Continue reading Travel Essentials