Bermuda: The Local Experience

It's not too often that I have the opportunity to explore a new culture from the perspective of a true local. Sometimes I am unable to get this "local" experience due to a lack of connections at a given location, a concern for safety, or even the disinterest from those in the group that I … Continue reading Bermuda: The Local Experience

Peru Series: Lit in Lima

You read that title right, Lit in Lima! I drank so much pisco, the national beverage of Peru and Chile with an average 48% alcohol content, so I may or may not have been tipsy the entire trip. In May of 2019, my two travel companions and I decided we wanted to visit Machu Picchu … Continue reading Peru Series: Lit in Lima

Peru Series: Cusco

I think I might have said, "wow," about 100 times while in Cusco. A beautiful city with an even more vibrant culture, rich history, and unique people, readily embraced. I speak so highly of Cusco and Peru as a whole as this place quickly stole a place in my Top 5 favorite destinations. Dedicating 4 … Continue reading Peru Series: Cusco

“A Day in Series” Panama City

I've said it once and I'll say it again. And again. And again. An easy way to get cheap flights is to allow yourself to take a longer flight and get a "bonus" city from an extended layover. I actually find myself searching for long haul flights that have a layover of 7 hours or … Continue reading “A Day in Series” Panama City

My Worst AirBNB Experience

Now, I've written before how Airbnb is typically my choice for travel accommodations for its ability to connect you with the host, culture and it's [usually] cheaper price, but two sort-of-recent experiences have made me more conscious when making lodging decisions. I will start by stating that I have had wonderful Airbnb experiences across the … Continue reading My Worst AirBNB Experience

Top Summer 2019 Destinations

A few people have been reaching out to me, asking for advice on where they should plan their next summer getaway. I mean, summer is the best time to vacation, right? Warm weather, school aged kids are out on break and it seems to be the time when work is the least hectic. Though, for … Continue reading Top Summer 2019 Destinations

Peru Series: Machu Picchu

The most familiar icon of Inca civilization, situated in the Cusco region of Peru and, officially voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, Machu Picchu is a must visit. As my  first time visiting not only Peru, but South America , I wanted to make the focal point of … Continue reading Peru Series: Machu Picchu