The Ditch The Travel Agent Starter Kit

With over half of Millennials traveling or saving for a vacation, and Gen Z not too far behind, the travel industry is booming! Travel has never been more accessible or more affordable as the industry continues to rapidly change and become more and more convenient. But, I know that some of us out here still struggle with planning our trips, saving money, and knowing where to start.

Over 20 countries, 5 continents, and less than 6 years later, not only have I saved $1000’s in airfare, hotels, and excursions, but I’ve also gathered tips, compiling years of first-hand knowledge and experiences, as well as hours of countless research to share as a one-stop-shop for all things, travel planning!

Round trip ticket to Bermuda- Free (With Points), Round trip ticket to Houston, Texas-Free (With Points), Round trip Ticket to Hong Kong-$500, Every Car Rental in 2019- Free (With Points). How? Using a few easy-to-follow steps during my travel planning process, outlined in my new e-guide.

The Ditch The Travel Agent Starter Kit E-Guide

In my NEW e-travel planner, “The Ditch the Travel Agent Starter Kit”, I detail how to seamlessly plan out your next vacation, step by step. Don’t know if you need a visa? Best sites to find flights? Does it make sense to pre-book excursion? Do I need travel insurance? What happens if there’s an emergency while I’m abroad? All asked and answered in an easy to understand format, taking the mystery and misery out of travel planning. My travel guide is finally available, complete with a Before You Go Checklist, Traveler’s Packing List, and BONUS Guide to Scoring Free Travel. The title is no shade to any travel agents out there, but I am here to tell you that you don’t need an expensive travel agency to help you to find any special deals or simplify this process that you can easily do yourself, with my e-planner. Get your copy today. After submitting payment via PayPal, your copy of the electronic e-guide will be delivered to the email address used for payment. The guide will be delivered within 24 hrs.


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