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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

My goal is simple: To see the world & inspire people along the way. Showing that travel is attainable, that it can be relatively affordable, & that adventure is within reach. 

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In 2019, travelers spent $1.1 trillion USD, with $109.4 USD billion of that being contributed by that Black travelers. Travel is becoming more accessible and the industry is booming because of it! Which is great, I truly believe there is no better education than immersing oneself in a new culture!

Through my stories, travel tips, itineraries, and more, I’ll showcase how to travel on a budget, luxury travel, how to balance career and travel, managing limited PTO and so much more. Be sure to subscribe to follow the journey!

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“Let me tell you, you wrote your a** off here and sold Nashville TX as I was never going there! Thank you. I can show this to anyone and convince them to come with me! “

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