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I’m constantly asked how do I determine where I want to go on a vacation and how do I know what to do once there. The answer to that is usually, “let the deal determine the destination” and research. I write a lot about this in my, The Ditch The Travel Agent Starter Kit e-guide, 30+ pages outlining my entire planning process, available HERE for $9.99.

Aside from my digital travel planner, I wanted to provide additional resources, destination specific checklists, or packing lists, as a further aide in planning for your next holiday.

These freebies are great for quicker, one-day or weekend visits, but can honestly be useful for any length of vacation, highlighting my top “must-see’s”, “must-do’s” & packing essentials. Download your freebies below!!

<<Click the link to download>>

“A Day in Series” Downloadable Bucket-lists

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 12.21.37 PM.

<< A Day In Series-Pittsburgh>>
<< A Day in Series-Boston>>
<<A Day In Series-Brooklyn>>

Destination Specific Packing Lists 

Packing Checklists

<<Skin Care Packing List>>
<<Beach Day Essentials>>
<<Packing List: Hiking Edition>>

Download My Road Trip Essentials: The Ultimate Road Tripping Guide HERE

Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials

Car Necessities
Road Trip Prep
Best U.S. Based Road Trips

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