Weight Loss. Travel Gains.

Living an all-around healthy(ish) lifestyle, especially while on the go…


Why fitness and travel?

Through my love of travel and my career, I am frequently on the go. After losing 80 lbs. through diet and exercise, it was important for me to find small yet impactful ways to maintain my weight loss even whilst on the move. I documented most of my weight loss journey HERE, sharing advice and tips of what worked for me with the world. I wanted to continue to be transparent as I find creative ways to keep the weight off while pursuing my passion for travel.

How Do I Do It?

By finding healthier alternatives for meals, packing granola or healthy snacks, or being active in a new place. Any small act that I can easily incorporate into my day that doesn’t feel like too much extra effort is what I am aiming for.

This is easy through my #Aroundtheworldin10k initiative. Being intentional with getting active and achieving a goal of at least 10k steps daily (or some complementary activity such as biking, swimming, running, or hiking). Check it out HERE and if you’re up for it, join the challenge! #aroundtheworldin10k

Who is my target audience?

This blog is for everyone. Anyone looking for inspiration for affordable travel or easy ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. Through tips, product recommendations, travel itineraries, and more, my goal is for this platform to serve as a resource to all.

Welcome to WLTG.




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