The Battle of the Sports Bras

Finding a great looking sports bra that is also super supportive yet inexpensive may seem impossible. But don’t fret, I’ve decided to take one for the team and give a few different sports bras a spin to see which one works best.
I do want to preface this with, after 80 lbs down, my breast size has gone down tremendously, from a 40DD to a 34C, but this advice can translate to any breast size.
The first thing that I was concerned with was support! When I first started my weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey I would wear a regular bar and pair a flimsy sports bra on top of that and bam….that’s how I found my support.
After becoming more serious with my goals and investing in them, I started to look for a more practical solution, especially because I began to incorporate more running into my daily workout routine.
First step was to visit a few popular chain stores and see what they had to offer!
I outlined below what stores I went to, what bra style I chose, how much the bra was, a link to find the bra and what my findings were on a rating of 1-5. 1 being not good and 5 being AMAZING.

Lightweight by Victoria Sport Bra



The name says lightweight, but that’s not how it felt. It wasn’t this exact style because I caught my sports bra during the last semi-annual sale, but it is very similar. I do really enjoy this bra, the support is amazing and it is a very comfortable material. The regular price (non-semi annual) is a bit expensive for me, so this is definitely a splurge or a treat once you reach a milestone. Victoria Secret has a ton of really stylish bras, I am usually more simplistic opting for black or blue bras mainly, but I do intend to purchase another bra. I tried on the zipper front sports bra and it squeezed a bit (yes I had the correct size, one size up was too big) but I felt secured.

4/5 just because of price, but it is Vicky Secrets.

Go-Dry Racerback High Support Sports Bra for Women (Adjustable Closure)


                         Go Dry Racerback

Old Navy DID NOT Disappoint!!! Can we talk price, simple yet cute style and support!! I honestly went back and purchased about 5 more of these sports bras because I never had something hug me so tightly  yet let me breathe at the same time! Old Navy has practically everything on sale all of the time, so I highly suggest adding one of these bras to your workout attire.

5/5 for sure….heck 6/5






                         CMMTTD X BRA 

The Adidas bra wasn’t bad. I purchased it at an outlet store so I saved a ton of money off of retail, which was a plus. This bra would have been better for me if the top part of the elastic hadn’t popped off so soon, probably about 3 washes in. If paired with the wrong top I’m basically flashing all of Planet Fitness. Support was there…until band stretched out.


I did find a pair of running shoes from Adidas that I LOVE and are now my staple. The shoes were originally 65 but randomly went on sale when we got to the outlets and I paid 20! They’re currently on sale on the Adidas website.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.13.54 PM.png

Get them Here: Cloudfoam

Sports Bra Medium support$24.99

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.35.23 PM.png

                          HM Medium Support

I honestly purchased this because it was on sale for $5, but I wouldn’t purchase again and honestly barely use it.  This bra gives the ultimate uni-boob which just doesn’t look nice and I feel more squeezed in than supported (again, I was wearing the correct size). The material also wasn’t good for when you are sweating a lot, which if you’re working out hard you’ll be sweating a lot.


After my sports bra testing I realized that there are a ton of sports bras out there and not all of them offer a ton of support. I gave you guys a condensed review of the bras and stores I tried out but the key takeaways are:

  1. High support are key. Look for bras that offer or state somewhere that they are high support.
  2. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg for quality and/or fashion
  3. Catch these stores on a good sale and rake it up (Nicki M. voice)
  4. Basically buy everything at Old Navy. I purchased a lightweight sports jacket from them, several yoga pants and cute ath-leisure tees that make up the bulk of my workout wardrobe.

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