New Year 2021: Let’s KISS our goals this year!

Start by getting started.

Often, I am asked, “how do I get started” or the popular “where do I start” and as annoying or as simplistic as it may seem, you really must start by starting. I’d procrastinated losing weight for years, for more reasons than one, but finally I just decided to start, and then 1 day turned into 1 month and 8lbs eventually turned to 80!

It’s 2021, we are out here not only setting goals, but crushing them, getting everything, we deserve, being not only “where the money resides”, but where the health, peace & enjoyment are as well!!

First things first, make a plan. But let’s KISS is. Keep it simple, sis.

Let me explain, yes we want SMART goals, which I’ve written about HERE. But let’s not overcomplicate it, do you want to lose weight, do you want to tone, do you want to have abs? What are you trying to achieve?!

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Hi, I’m Kalyn. In 2021, I want to lose 10lbs and tone my trouble areas, back, stomach (isn’t this most of our trouble areas!!) as well as my legs.

You know what you want to do, now let’s not “someday it”,  aka “I’ll start Monday” or just arbitrarily set this goal for all of 2021- make it plain!

I want to lose these 10lbs and tone up by bikini season, thong bikinis only! Bikini season for me will start in April.

Now, you not only have your goal (losing 10lbs & toning), but you have an achievable target that you’re working towards. A tangible goal & date that you can write down (for your manifesting purposes) as well as share with an accountability partner (because we all need these).

So now we have our goal & we know when we want to reach them (because you should be writing yours down – pen to paper, please!), let’s put together building blocks that we’ll use to achieve the goal-this is how we (and our accountability partners) will hold ourselves accountable.

Any fitness goal is achieved through nutrition (80%) and exercise (20%)– these are the building blocks. And weight loss= more calories burned (exercise) than consumed (nutrition). This does not = eating less necessarily, but eating more whole foods, controlling portions, eliminating unnecessary calories (that pepsi is *usually* hella unnecessary), and getting your body moving.

Let’s not complicate this, here are some simple adds to your building blocks (and things I’ll be doing)


  • Drink your water. This is not a negotiable, this is step #1, get in loads of water! Read my post HERE on how water can help you lose weight or HERE for the 6 reasons why water can help with weight loss. I’ll list two reasons below if you don’t want to click on the links:
    • Water increases calorie burning
    • Water helps with workouts!
  • Make smart swaps
    • Swap out juice/soda for more water (will also help your skin)- do it, it’ll become more natural the more often you do it! Juice and soda has SOOOO much sugar!
    • More complex carbs vs simple carbs. Carbs are what provides our body energy-aka we need them! But we can be maker smarter choices on which ones we consume. Complex carbs take longer for your system to digest and tend to be a more stable source of energy and fiber when compared to their counterpart. Complex carbs tend to be found more in pastas/breads where simple carbs will show up in sugars.
      • Optimal complex carbs-whole grains (brown rice, wild rice, whole grain, quinoa), sweet potatoes, fruits (bananas, raspberries) , kidney beans
        • Other refined grains that are complex carbs but do not contain as much nutritional value (white rice, bread, flour)
      • Simple Carb examples- sugar, corn syrup, products with added sugar, syrups, sugary drinks,
    • Whole foods opposed to processed foods. Processed foods generally= convenience and less money but are usually less nutritious, hidden with tons of simple carbs, fat, sodium, etc. When possible, opt for making your own foods and using “whole foods” vs processed foods. (Click the links/words for more information on what a whole vs processed food is.)
      • One example: premade/frozen meals vs buying the ingredients to make your own meals. I really suggest you cook more in 2021- build this into your goals. Control the ingredients being used in addition to the portion sizes you’re consuming.
    • Fun, healthy alternatives to foods you already love. I LOVE pizza, but instead of ordering out, I get all the ingredients, load my whole wheat pizza dough with veggies and enjoy! Dark chocolate vs milk chocolate is another example. Additionally, I’ve been loving trying the varies candies offered by Smart Sweets, a healthier candy alternative that’s also not packed with artificial sugars or ingredients (I buy mine at Target).
      • If you have a snack or candy that you love, it’s really easy to google a healthy alternative for that (especially when you make it home vs buying)- this is true for ice cream, some baked goods, pizzas, candy, etc
  • Enjoyment– but in moderation. You can and should have a “cheat” meal or day throughout the week, you don’t want to completely deprive yourself of your cravings, just control them. I love WINE and would have a glass every single night (well I did this in 2020 because pandemic), but I will pull back and limit my indulgence in the name of health (and thong bikinis).


You do not need to overcomplicate working out and there’s also no need to be intimidated. You just want to get your body moving! I wrote a post on body types (endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph) HERE, explaining what the different types are, how to determine your body type and the listed exercises that work well for the varying body types—but while this post was great and I suggest you check it out, the goal for the year is KISS, keep it simple, sis.

If considering all of these things above overwhelms you, just set a plan to move your body at least 40-60 minutes at least 5x a week (more if you’re feeling fancy but give your body time to rest/reset/recover).

You know yourself better than I do. Do you need a workout class or a buddy to hold yourself accountable? Call that person or find that class NOW (well after you finish reading the post, and then sharing with a friend).  Or, can you follow instructions relatively well and rock out solo? Find a YouTube workout or IG page that you love and get to it! Can you workout at home? Set up a space where you will workout and hit up AMAZON, Target, Five Below, etc. for your workout equipment needs. Get outside and walk/jog/run/jump rope! Do you need a trainer? Because get one, if you need one (and can afford it).

 We are in a whole panoramic (pandemic) so you may not want to go to a gym- but there are options! We aren’t making excuses this year, sis!

Here are a list of some of my favorite IG accounts for fitness inspo:


You owe it to yourself to not only make a plan, but to commit and to stick to it, and not just throughout 2021, but for life. Most of this is 100% mental, get out of your own way! Making these small changes and then building these healthy habits will naturally become your routine and will be sustainable if you KISS it, write it down and start by starting!

 I challenge everyone to make your plan TODAY, right after reading this, “Hi I’m _____, and I want to ________ by __________” and feel free to share it with me, I can be your virtual accountability partner!

Be sure to follow me on IG for updates as I prepare for #thongbikini season at @fitflyflournoy and subscribe (for more posts), save (for future reference) and share (don’t be stingy with the gems)!

Happy 2021 Folks! Let’s kill it this year, one lb. at a time.

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